This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Reality TV Hosts.

A Heidi Klum (Project Runway) sort of morning.

Bernie’s Crew starts off the morning with some quick reactions on the Brewers, Axford Blowing 3-Run Lead Against Reds .

Brew Crew Ball with an Axford Check .

The Bucky Channels says that Wisconsin Demands Better From These Brewers .

Ah yes, The 5 people you’ll (unfortunately) meet at the Brewers’ home opener.

Miller Park Drunk continues the NL Central preview, this time on the Reds with a very angry Brewers fan .

Not sure how I feel about this, Badgers-UNLV football opener officially moved to Thursday night .

Man I feel bad for Pirates fans, I really do, What Your Favorite Baseball Team Says About You .

I call foul, no pun intended, that Milwaukee isn’t even on this list of the 9 Best Cities To Watch An MLB Home Opener .

This was actually informative, 11 Answers To the Biggest Mysteries In Songs and Lyrics .

You should still have time to try one of these Five Sweet April Fools’ Office Pranks .

The Top 10 Masculinity Myths , which is actually pretty accurate.

Wait, there’s only 3? 3 Reasons Why Girls Say “No” To Sex .

The 27 Hottest Women in WWE History .

Crap – When the first two at-bats of the 2011 Brewers season end in ‘Get Up, Get Up, Get Outta Here, GONE!!’ you have to be pretty happy.  Really, the entire first inning was pretty good as was most of the game..that is until the bottom of the 9th.  As expected you had the deluge of tweets and postings on Axford and what happened as well as other sky is falling material.  All of which I say, really?  One game out of 162 and you’re calling it quits already?  As Bernie’s Crew said on Twitter, 6 out of the last 11 World Series Champions lost on the Opening Day , so we got that going for us.

We’ll have our very first Friday Fan of the Week up later this afternoon so check back later for that, have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday.


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  • BigSnakeMan

    The A.V. Club piece about the 5 people you meet at home openers is an accurate illustration of why I no longer make an effort to attend one.