Our next installment of 80′s week features the guy who famously said “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

Well before those immortal words were uttered, I had identified Patrick Swayze as a Dreamy Dude. I watched movies like “Youngblood” and “Red Dawn” mostly for the chance to catch a Swayze sighting. (And to learn one of my favorite sayings – “My hate keeps me warm.” But that’s another story.)

The first thing I remember seeing Patrick in was a little miniseries called “North and South”, a highlight of 1985. If any of you were born yet or out of the 3rd grade, you might remember seeing it. At the time, it was one of the highest rated miniseries ever and with good reason. Lots of history, tragedy, drama – and one of the only times I’ve ever had a nagging sympathy for anyone wearing gray in one of these epics.

Based on this, I began my relentless search of video stores for movies he’d been in that I had missed. All well worth the time invested.

And, as promised, here’s a mullet sighting.


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  • http://packersdailyline.blogspot.com/ Mark

    RIP Patrick :( damn good actor