This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Reality TV Hosts.

A Cat Deeley (SYTYCD) sort of morning.

If you haven’t already, today’s your last chance to get your entry in for the very first Friday Fan of the Week . Could be a free coffee mug in it for you.

From we have a Six-Pack of Bold Brewers Predictions for 2011 .

There was one last Spring Training game yesterday, with the Brewers getting an 8-7 win over the Padres .

Miller Park Drunk, I mean a Houston Texans cheerleader, has a Houston Astors preview .

The Brewers Bar is wondering if Brewer Zach Braddock Has Superpowers .

The Bucky Channel shares their 2011 National League Predictions .

Badger Blitz has its Post-Season Awards for the Badgers hoops team .

Cracked Sidewalks is saying Win Credits predicts 26+ wins for MU next two years .

With baseball season starting tomorrow, here are the 10 Best early season MLB matchups on national TV .

Brilliant…and would be scary as hell to come home to, Roommates Turn Friend’s Bedroom into Dexter Kill Room .

This is shocking…well, if you define ‘shocking’ as ‘obvious’: SHOCKING study reveals attractive women don’t want to pay for dinner .

From my go-to female oriented/run blog, so these may actually be true: 7 Things A Guy Should NOT Do If He Wants To Get Laid .

Maybe this should be re-titled ‘Top 11 Nutjobs for 2011′: Top 11 People In Conspiracies 2011 .

Going on a first date soon?  The PD Dating Department is here to help with these First Date Body-Language Mistakes to avoid.

It’s The 20 Hottest Girls In Men’s Shirts , almost timeless in it’s simplicity.

That Wasn’t So Bad – Tomorrow is Opening Day, does it seem a little hard to believe?  Sports-wise, everything seemed to line up pretty well as it relates to down time.  The Packers in the Super Bowl extended our football season right into the thick of college basketball season.  Both the Badgers & Golden Eagles were kind enough to get into the Sweet 16, no matter how painful their exits were and here we are…one day away from real baseball.  Let’s hope this same scenario plays out next year as well.

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  • Interested bystander

    Great link on the Conspiracy theorists, not. One of the worst pieces I have ever read. 11 people highlighted and the only liberal that is a part of this “crazy conspiracy” list is a guy who only studies right wing conspiracy?

    All of these guys and yet no Glenn Beck? Beck has predicted the MOTHER of all conspiracies happening in May (5 weeks away) with the attempt of economic terrorism by the left as a part of an overthrow of our way of life. Look up George Soros and an Open Society. Sounds crazy right? Don’t take my word for it, here is actual proof and audio.

    I am not saying he is right or wrong. What I am saying is that if Beck has claimed to uncover a plot of a government overthrow, you’d think he’d be on a top conspiracy list?

    The whole reason for my comments is WHY isn’t Beck on the list? 1) The far left is trying to distance themselves from him because the plan is actually true. OR 2) This list was just a personal attack on several people by he left, and never designed to be an honest, actual list with the top conspiracy people. Which is it?

    That being said, I love the site and I read everything it produces. If I didn’t like it or didn’t care, I wouldn’t say anything at all and just move on. Keep up the good work.

    • Wally

      I don’t write’em, I just post’em. With over 2000 links per year there’s bound to be a clunker in there from time to time. I figure if can keep my average above .500, that’ll land me in Cooperstown no problem. ;-) Thanks for the kind words & appreciate your input! -W

  • Brian

    All this talk of seasons lining up perfectly to transition from one to the other, and no talk of the Bucks? You weren’t hoping the Badgers and Warr….Golden Eagles would get bounced early so you could focus on the Bucks?

    Rose Bowl appearance, Super Bowl win, two Sweet 16 teams…one of our local teams had to sacrifice for all that good luck.