This week I’m going to return to my youth for Dreamy Dudes. You have been warned. There may be a mullet or two involved.

The subject of Molly Ringwald films came up on Twitter this weekend. Pretty in Pink is my favorite. Molly and I are the same age and I always related to Andie, her character in that movie, most specially.

Anita asked the eternal question “Am I the only one that thinks Andie should have picked Blaine and not Duckie?” Apparently there are people out there who think DUCKIE should have been selected? WTF?

No. A hundred, thousand, million times no. As I said to Anita, “Hell, I could have had Duckie. Not Blaine.”

Duckie was my friend I rode around with in his truck while drinking TJ Swann. (Don’t ask. At least it wasn’t Purple Drank.) Blaine was the starting quarterback I dated off and on for a year but it didn’t last. (Granted, he turned into an asshat, Viking loving jerk later in life, and we no longer speak, but bear with me.)

Looking back from my more mature perspective, yes, Duckie is probably the smart choice. But at 17, with raging hormones, it’s not the one the girl’s going to make. Generally speaking. Or at least not this girl.

So, I’m Team Blaine all the way. Also? I remember Aaron Nagler said he’s met Andrew McCarthy and he’s a lovely human being. So there’s that.

He was also just the cutest thing ever.


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  • Anita


    Good idea with the 80′s week! I can dig that! Bring on the mullets!

    When is my week, I have a feeling that I skipped my week on the last rotation (I plead stress at home, and writers block).

  • Mark

    Question since its 80′s week are we getting Tom Keifer or any memember from a hair metal band?