This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Reality TV Hosts.

A Brooke Burke (Dancing With The Stars) sort of morning.

If you missed it Friday, we have a new weekly feature which may feature you!  Enter to be the Friday Fan of the Week , you know you want to.

On Friday, the Brewers traded OF Chris Dickerson for pitcher Sergio Mitre , which had some people shaking their heads as to outfield depth…

…but then on Sunday, the Brewers Traded for Nyjer Morgan .

Bernie’s Crew on the above mentioned trade was a deviation for Brewers GM Doug Melvin .

The Bucky Channel takes a look at how the Brewers 25 Man Roster is Coming Together .

The Big Ten Rant has a closer look at the end of Wisconsin’s season .

Cracked Sidewalks is trying to stay positive with how the Future looks fantastic as MU subs drub UNC starters for 8+ minutes .

It looks like the Packers Draft Order Is Set For 2011 .

Ugh, really?  Brett Favre May Return With Carolina?

We had our Fantasy Baseball Draft over the weekend, but if you’re yet to draft here are 12 Tips for Your Fantasy Baseball Draft .

A very cool collection of movie behind the scenes photos .

Never realized Bieber was so sly: Justin Bieber And 10 Other Notorious Hollywood Pranksters .

Because I think they’re cool,  why the Killer Whale is the biggest badass in the animal kingdom .

May want to pay attention to these 7 signs the woman in your life is certifiably crazy .

Seeing as this came out this weekend, The Sexy Ladies of Sucker Punch .

Time to Switch Gears – With the Badgers losing last Thursday, Marquette on Friday and my bracket being officially busted as well it’s time to switch the focus to baseball.  The upcoming Brewers season has a lot of promise.  The moves made this offseason by Doug Melvin have a lot of people already looking forward to October, but we sort of thought the same thing about the Bucks after their active offseason.  We all know how that’s working out.  Obviously baseball is a bit different than basketball, but I’m still entering this Brewers season with a little caution.  While I do believe the team on the field is leaps & bounds better than what we saw last year, we still have a Summer of ball to play before we can start thinking about late Fall baseball.  That being said, I like the Brewers’ chances. 

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