Apologies on my day delay in this post. I’m building a house, and had a huge meeting with our building supervisor all afternoon yesterday. Hope you all can forgive me ;).

This week, I’m going with a soccer theme. 1. Because the USMNT plays Argentina on Saturday and that’s fun, 2. There’s not a lot else to talk about, as I am ignoring the lock out and baseball hasn’t started and 3. It kind of pisses people off.

So staying with the trend of injured USA players who need some love, today’s DDD post is dedicated to Charlie Davies.

Some casual fans of US Soccer, might not remember him. He was a rising star on the team in World Cup qualifiers and in the Confederations Cup, but on October 13, 2009, nights before the US’s last World Cup qualifying game, Davies was in a massive car accident. Of the three occupants of the car only Charlie and another woman survived. The SUV they were in slammed into a guard rail and was torn in half. The freeway was shut down for the following five hours.  Davies suffered a lacerated bladder, a fractured right tibia and femur, a fractured elbow, many facial injuries and bleeding on his brain.  Davies was in surgery for hours, not knowing if he ‘d live, walk or ever play soccer again.

The fans and his teammates were behind him. This was the scene at RFK stadium when the US played (and won) it’s final World Cup qualifier. In the ninth minute of the game, fans held up the number nine in honor of Davies.

What followed was a long and painful rehabilitation. Determined to walk and to play competitive soccer again, Davies worked hard to get back to game form. However, he was unable to be fit in time for the World Cup.

He returned to France and trained with his professional team, Sochaux, but couldn’t seem to break into the game day line ups. I know I wondered if Charlie Davies would ever be the lightning fast, amazing player he showed flashes of becoming.

Before the start of the MLS season, Sochaux loaned Davies to MLS club DC United. (for non soccer fans, loaning a player is pretty common, even within leagues. It allows for players who would have just been on the bench to see real playing time and helps them develop).

Last weekend, in the 23rd minute of DC United’s game, Charlie Davies was subbed in; his first competitive play in almost a year and a half; in the stadium where he would have played with the USMNT had it not been for that accident. He scored two goals. One a penalty kick and one where he out tricked the keeper and showed potential of returning to his former self.

He now wears the massive scar across his head proudly, and I hope he continues to return to full form and become the great player USMNT fans thought he could be, scoring goals, out working the competition and doing the stanky leg with Jozy Altidore.

So Charlie Davies, this one’s for you! (ps. I promise to be back tomorrow with a less injury story and more sexy pics:)






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