“Pretty pretty please, don’t you ever ever feel
Like you’re less than f*ckin’ perfect
Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel like you’re nothing
You’re f*ckin’ perfect to me!”

– Pink

As @BigSnakeMan did a few weeks ago, I feel compelled to go off topic for this week’s View.

Note: This is going to be a huge downer, but I think it’s important. You’ve been warned.

I realize there aren’t a lot of teenagers that probably read my posts. But there are people who have teenage children and people who have teenage siblings or friends. Teenagers, they’re everywhere, right? I wish I could say that right now.

In the last month, my 19 year old son has gotten to see his mug (not an ugly one, mind you) in slide shows of various stages of his life. The reason? Funerals. First one of his cousins, then another, ages 17 and 19, who he has grown up with, decided to take their own lives. They were from opposite sides of my family, and had never met, maybe with the possible exception of my son’s birthday party years ago.

The first time this happened, a month ago, my son sobbed his heart out. When he had to don his funeral garb again this week, he was stoic. I don’t think he had much more left to give. His heart, at least in part, is broken. Not to mention mine, my husband’s and our collective families.

As often happens with cousins, my son hadn’t seen either one of these guys at much length the last few years. You get busy, you get high school, you get girlfriends…it happens. But you have the hope of reconnecting. That’s gone.

For Conor and Kevin, sweet, beautiful boys both – something to them was so unspeakably wrong with their lives that they felt life should end. They were wrong. I know both of them loved their parents. They would be crushed to see the irreparable damage they’ve done to these wonderful people.

Please, please, encourage your friends, children, family members to TALK to someone if they are considering such a step. Please let them know they’re not alone. Please let them know they are not less than perfect. Please encourage them to get help. Please watch them like hawks to see any tell tale signs .

Leaving your family bereft is not a solution to anything.

Remember, everyone is nothing less than perfect to someone.

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  • http://packersdailyline.blogspot.com/ Mark

    I’m so sorry but way to show that there is more to life than sports and I agree with this entire post god bless your son, your family, the deceased families and you. May the lord have mercy on these boys’ souls. I’m just about crying because I have been suicidal before but thank god I didn’t do it.

  • http://www.pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMan

    No family should have to experience this tragedy even once. To have it happen twice is inconceivable. Deepest sympathies to you & yours.

  • foundinidaho

    Mark – you take it from me, your parents would thank God you didn’t either.

    BSM – Thanks. This has been a shit year. I’m hoping it officially gets better now. I need to start planning that trip to Green Bay to have something positive to look forward to….

  • Anita

    Right on, Colleen. I’m sorry your family has had to go through this. No parent should ever have to experience the death of a child, but suicide makes it even more senseless.

  • lostinspudville

    Sometimes the signs are not there or not always obvious. Sometimes they wear such a good masks that others don’t know or see that there are issues that are so devastating to bring them to end their own lives, its not a lack of love or attention from their parents or families that are the sole cause of suicide. There are so many more causes for this to happen & sadly for some…its solely a reason to just inflict pain on those left behind. Its “well, i show them” type mentality.
    if a child or adult never changes their behavior, but ends their life….sometimes you just can’t prevent it. Those with true thoughts of suicide do not make the thoughts known unless they are truly seeking help & even then…
    because many just don’t understand they are loved & are accepted or there is help for their “issues”. Seek help if you are dealing with depression & suicide seems like a solution…because its a permanent one to a temporary problem.