This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Twins.

A Sara and Bruna Gontijo sort of morning.

Both the Badgers & Golden Eagles have advanced to the Sweet 16 in the 2011 NCAA Tournament.  Phil at B5Q calls Wisconsin’s win on Saturday a battered, bruised and victorious affair.

The Wisconsin Big 10 Rant has more on the Badger game and the late rally that helped UW knock off Pullen, KSU .

Marquette advanced by beating Syracuse last night, 66-62 .

Cracked Sidewalks on how this is the 14th Sweet 16 in school history .

The Bucks kept the Wisconsin basketball winning ways alive, beating the Knicks 100-95 & keeping hope alive .

Winks at The Bucky Channel is asking if the Bucks are in a playoff race or not?

The Brewers were also in action yesterday, beating the Reds 8-9 in Spring Training action .

Jaymes at The Brewers Bar is taking A Closer Look at Shaun Marcum’s Mechanics .

CD & Tundra Vision returns with how Packer Fans Cheated Out Of Offseason of Gloating .

To protect & serve…and obviously put up with some idiots: 19 Of The Funniest Police Blotters Ever .

More than a few of us can probably use one of these Ten Best Excuses for Your Brackets  after this weekend.

The Telenoid R1 Robot freaks me out,  8 Machines That Will Wipe Out Mankind .

 But where are the sharks with frickin laser beams on their head? 6 Insane Uses of Animals in Wartime (That Actually Worked) .

Some are subtle, some aren’t but all are amusing, Facebook Face Prank .

Sweetness – With both UW & MU advancing to the Sweet 16 it was a pretty good weekend for Wisconsin basketball.  Conversely, especially with the results of last night’s games, my bracket is toast.  No matter, I would much rather have both Wisconsin & Marquette playing next weekend as I would think most of you are.  I like Wisconsin’s chances especially now, with the ouster of #1 seed Pitt, to make a run at the Final Four but will have to get past a scrappy & surging Butler team first.  I think Marquette will have a tougher time with North Carolina but as they say, it’s one game and anything can happen.  All in all though, a solid weekend and we have more to look forward to coming up.

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