This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women of The Emerald Isle.

A Lynn Kelly sort of morning.

Badger of Honor taking the glass half full approach with Why Wisconsin Should Survive Belmont .

I’m as much of a homer as the next guy, but even I question the seriousness of this Serious Question, How Does Wisconsin Not Make It To The Final Four?

Cracked Sidewalks is also being optimistic, saying the Formula says one-and-done but Heart and Gut say Marquette Sweet 16 .

Your NCAA Tournament COMPLETE TV SCHEDULE Rounds 1-3 .

It was a valient effort but Overtime not enough time for Milwaukee as they lost to the Magic 93-89.

In a rare night Spring Training game, Zach Braddock’s Rough Spring Continued but the Brewers Rally In Ninth To Beat Mariners 5-4 .

Miller Park Drunk wants to know Where’s Randy Savage?

Mike at GPN on Adding Offensive Line Power .

Jersey Al says Green Bay Packers Rejoice: Having Bad Kickoff Returners Won’t Matter .

I know people who actual choose their bracket this way, Your Mascot-By-Mascot Analysis of the NCAA Tournament Field .

Some tips on how to Eat And Drink Green This St. Patrick’s Day .

Hard to believe, but not every one’s a fan, 10 Things We Hate About St. Patrick’s Day .

Because you know you’re going to need these: St. Patrick’s Day Hangover Avoidance Tips .

Ugh, why do people do this stuff to their pets, 50 Animals Ready To Rally For St. Patrick’s Day .

And now you know why cake decorators only make minimum wage, 11 Cakes With Glorious Typos and Errors .

Two for one, Lily Aldridge and Candice Swanepoel are double the bikini goodness .

It’s the Perfect Storm – St. Patrick’s Day & the real start of the NCAA Tournament…oh to be about 15 years younger.  As much as I look back fondly at that long gone past where I would be up at the crack of dawn, headed to a bar to start drinking green beer and then try to be somewhat coherent when my friends who couldn’t skip out on everything finally showed up alas they are no more.  Besides the whole work, family and other responsibilities I’m also pretty sure I would end up in a hospital if I tried that  these days.  So instead today I will relish the fact that I am actually Irish (25% thanks to my maternal Grandfather) and look forward to a day of sneaking glances at my bracket then getting home to watch the Badgers tonight.  If you are going out today, do me a favor and tip a pint in my honor, I’ll be there in spirit.

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