This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women of The Emerald Isle.

A Nadine Coyle sort of morning.

Here’s some good news for Badgers fans, Bruesewitz returns to practice, could be a game-time decision .

Badger of Honor echoing a lot of thoughts on there in Why Belmont Should Worry Wisconsin .

Cracked Sidewalks gives you the inside scoop on Marquette’s first second round foe in Know Your Opponent:  Xavier Musketeers .

If you were hoping for a big rebound for the Bucks after that Celtics game, you’d be headed for disappointment as they lost to the Hawks last night, 110-85 .

Keeping with the non-winning Milwaukee team theme, Brewers Get Outslugged By Indians, Lose 9-7 .

Bernie’s Crew on The Search For the Fifth Starter: Rogers Sent to Nashville .

The Bucky Channel has a review of the Maple Street Press Brewers Annual 2011 .

Buyer beware, 5 Fantasy Baseball Injury Prone Players We’ve Grown Tired Of…

Besides the NCAA Tournamet really starting, Thursday is also St. Patrick’s Day, so here you go to assist in your planning,  Saint Patrick’s Day Drinks .

Gus Johnson, where would we be without him? Gus Johnson’s Top 10 NCAA Tournament Calls .

I made the mistake of watching this, so now I’m going to make you all and yes, it is impossibly cute…consider yourself a robot if you don’t at the last smile while watching it: Baby Reacts to Mommy Blowing Nose, and It’s Impossibly Cute .

I ususally don’t like linking to The Bleacher Report, but seeing as one of our past Thursday Q & A guests is actually in this list I’ll make an exception, The Hottest Alumni of Every School in the NCAA Tournament .

Should come in handy come Thursday: Five Essential Purchases for Enjoying March Madness at Work Without Getting Fired .

Olivia Wilde wearing…um..well, some denim?

What’s Your Count? – Only one more day till the NCAA Tournament starts in earnest, and also only one more full day to get your brackets filled out. Normally every year I get invited to do a bunch of NCAA Pools.  I generally decline as I have a hard enough time getting worked up with the one I usually do with my family and some friends.  If you’re unlike me though and like to get in every bracket pool you can, here are some more for you to partake in.

The CHTV/PD pool  *cough, plug, cough*

The Bucky Channel Pool

The B5Q Pool

The Brew Crew Ball pool .

They’re all free and I’m sure any of these Pocket Doppler friends above would love to have you in theirs.

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