This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women of The Emerald Isle.

A Glenda Gilson sort of morning.
If you haven’t already, make sure to get in on the CHTV/Pocket Doppler NCAA Bracket Challenge with actual, real prizes.  You can never haven enough brackets to be managing so you may as well add this one.

The question of the week, well, at least until Thursday comes along:  How far can the Badgers go?

 In non-Tournament Badgers news, Leuer and Taylor make the cut as Wooden Award trims to 20 .

Anonymous Eagle has a Region-By-Region Guide  of the NCAA Brackets.

Courtside Analyst spends some time in college basketball territory, a Statistical Analysis of the 2011 NCAA Tournament field .

The Bucky Channel with your 2011 Guide to the Milwaukee Brewers with Other Outlandish Predictions and Recaps …award for longest post title ever as well.

Bernie’s Crew recaps yesterday Spring Training action, where the Brewers Beat Giants 12-8 .

The Brewers Bar on Brewers’ pitcher Mark Rogers Shaky in Spring Debut .

These all would be great to see, March Madness 2011: 10 Matchups I Hope To See Happen .

An age-old question this time of year, Why The Hell Doesn’t McDonald’s Have The Shamrock Shake All Year Around?

Beware the Ides of March?  Not so much with this list of 11 Wonderful Things That Have Happened On the Ides of March .

Seriouslly, how is R2-D2 not number 1 here? The 50 Coolest Movie Robots of All Time .

Really have to admire this: Iowa Man Gives Up Everything for Lent Except Beer and Water .

Part of me thinks some of these may be photoshopped, but they’re still pretty funny, The 20 Best Supermarket Fails .

Whew, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is still working for Victoria’s Secret .

Bracket Methodology – So how do you go about filling out your NCAA Bracket?  Has your strategy ever worked for you?  The last couple years I’ve finished in second place in our friends & family bracket and I’m not really sure how.  I tend to go chalk but will take a flyers in the those 6-7-8-9/11-10-9-8 range, but really for no discernible reason.  I don’t have the time to be researching all 64 teams and mostly go on gut.  I also try not to be too much of a homer although when in doubt I will show a little more love/dedication to Big Ten Teams, which of course never seems to work out. So what’s worked for you in the past and what to do you intend on doing this year?

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  • ceallaigh

    Yes, why isn’t R2-D2 not the number one robot in the history of ever? And yes I’m a total Big Ten homer, though I must admit that scoring a whopping 32 points last Friday did nor instill hope in the old alma mater. That said, two Big Ten teams in the Final Four. What? I trained at an MSU program. And I don’t deny I am a homer (but I doubt they will advance beyond that.)

  • BigSnakeMan

    Sorry, the coolest movie robots were Huey, Dewey & Louis from “Silent Running”.

  • Colleen

    I think Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey is the best robot. Oh, I guess he was a computer. Never mind.