Looking to fill out another bracket?  Of course you so here you go, the CHTV/Pocket Doppler Bracket Challenge.
Password: greenbay

We’re using CBS Sports so if you have an existing CBS Sport account sign in and start making your picks. If you don’t have a CBS Sports account, just create one (free to do) and take it from there.  This is set up with the default settings so is a tiered scoring system with the score of the final as the tiebreaker.

So what do you win?  Beyond bragging rights, fabulous prizes…well, fabulous may be stretching it but at the very least they are nice prizes.  For the winner we have this deluxe prize package which includes:

A CHTV Draft Guide
A CHTV ‘Die Hard’ Poster
A Pocket Doppler T-Shirt*
A Pocket Doppler Mug*


So what are you waiting for?  Get those picks in today .

*Resonable fascimile of actual prize, haven’t ordered these yet so the winner will actually be the first person to ever get these, even before the actual Pocket Doppler staff…which I’m sure I’ll catch hell for.


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