This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women of The Emerald Isle.

A Laurena Lacey sort of morning.

We’ll just skip over what happened in the Big Ten tourney this weekend and jump right to the NCAA Tournament where the Badgers recieved a 4 seed and are scheduled to play Belmont on St. Patty’s Day.  To this says See Ya Sobriety .

For those not familar with Belmont, and really why would you be, Swingtown has a scounting report for you on the Bruins of Belment .

B5Q has further thoughts on the Badgers’ seed and opponent .

Marquette is also dancing, getting slotted into an 11 sseed. Cracked Sidewalks is measuring MUs bracket opponent – list of strengths of all potential NCAA teams .

Planning on watch UW & Marquette when they play?  If so, The Bucky Channel hopes you know how to find TruTV .

The resurgent Bucks were on the court last night, it didn’t go that well though as they lost to the Celtics 97-56, redefining futility with franchise-worst scoring night

In Spring Training Ball, the Brewers beat the Royals 7-5 .

Mike at GPN takes a look at The Draft History of Ted Thompson .

These all seem to make sense, What Your Favorite College Basketball Conference Says About You .

Why would someone even think of creating this list? The Top 10 Pictures Of Squirrels Eating Pizza Of All Time .

German Shepards & White Lion Cubs for everyone! 30 Expensive Things You Could Buy With The $12B Lost In Next Season’s NFL Lockout .

Maybe these will help on Thursday, Top Ten Irish Pick-Up Lines for St. Patrick’s Day 2011 .

Hearing a Dalek say ‘You have to be shitting me’ made my day: The Daleks Need Some Team-Building Exercises (NSFW language in the video).

Because sometimes fairy tales do come true, The Eight Hottest Fairy Tale Film Heroines .

Best Packers Blog/Site – As many of you are already aware, yesterday we launched out ‘Best Packers Blog/Site’ 2010 Survey. We’ll be running this all week so make sure to vote for your favorite Packers site & tell your friends and neighbors to vote as well. If there happens to be a site that I did not include but should be there, make sure to let me know.

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