This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is March Birthdays.

A Caroline Winberg sort of morning.

As we wait for tonight’s Badgers game against Penn State, it was announced yesterday that Jordan Taylor was named to Bob Cousy Award Final Five .

Unfortunately for MU fans, the Golden Eagles ran out of gas last night  against Louisville.

Bernie’s Crew recaps yesterdays Spring Training action, where the Brewers Fall 9-8 to the Rockies in 10 Innings .

Jaymes from The Brewers Bar on How Quickly Things Change .

The View from Bernie’s Chalet has a Brewers 25 Man Roster Prediction Three Weeks From Opening Day .

Courtside Analyst looks at some troublesome responses to a JSOnline poll  on the Bucks.

There’s no shortage of confidence when it comes to Gabe Carimi as the Wisconsin Offensive Lineman Sends Statement to Packers .

A look at the Big Ten Tournament’s Top 10 Alternative Locations .

Very Steven Wright/Jack Handy-ish: 11 Valid Points That Should Be Ruminated Upon .

Looking for a career change? Five Shady Jobs Made Easier Through Social Media .

I think there’s some in here I actually haven’t seen yet: Lost And Found: 50 Of The Internet’s Greatest Missing Posters .

I really don’t find this all that surprising, Study: Facebook Cited As Cause of Divorce in One Out of Five Marriages .

You’re gonna a need a little geek/nerd in you to enjoy this one, which is prolly why I found it so amusing: 11 Email Providers, Ranked By Mock-ability .

Kate Upton  is giving Candice Swanepoel a run for her money here as the most posted gallery girl of Daybreak Doppler.

Call it a Warm-Up – So let’s see, we have the Big Ten Tournament going on with the Badgers beginning play tonight against Penn State and hopefully playing throughout the weekend then Selection Sunday on…well, Sunday.  Seems like a pretty good weekend to get yourself prepared for the next which will be wall-to-wall college basketball with the NCAA Tournament in full swing.  Make sure to ease into it so you can handle the full onslaught that will begin this coming Thursday.  Maybe spend extra time with your kids, wife, husband, pets, loved ones, whomever for the inevitable alienation you will treat them with coming up late next week.

As always, thanks for spending your time with us this week and we’ll see you back here on Monday… I need a better weekly sign off, this just isn’t ‘Let’s be safe out there’ material now is it.

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