This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is The Women That Started It All.

A Jenna Fischer sort of morning.

The big news out of 1265 yesterday was the release of AJ Hawk.  Before fans could even wrap their minds around that, Hawk’s a Packer Again .

Unfortunately the news for Marquette fans wasn’t as good as on Senior Night it turned out to be Deja Vu All Over Again: Cincinnati 67, Marquette 60 .

I know it’s only Spring Training, but seeing this still feels pretty darn good: Brewers 12, Cubs 5 .

Team Wisconsin is thinking that Greinke is likely to get the Opening Day nod .

Swingtown has your Badgers’ Indiana Pre-Game Analysis  for tonight’s game at Bloomington.

Badger of Honor presents their Two Top NCAA Tourney Contenders; One Pretender .

Jayme ponders thoughts of a certain former Packer Coming Home?

A 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament Guide  for your viewing pleasure.

Something to keep you busy this morning: Crazy Quiz: Sheen, Artest, or Tyson?

Nothing like a little inside info, 12 Little Things Guys Do That Impress Us Big Time .

Some of these have made the rounds before, but really, what could be better than A Photographic Tribute To The AT-AT .

I would totally buy the MacBook-to-Alien Invader Adapter Interface…if it came in a PC version that is: 19 Ads For Products That Apparently Exist In Movies .

Hmmm, wonder what inspired this list of the  Top 25 Strangest Celebrity Meltdowns .

Oh yeah… Stacy Keibler strips down for Esquire’s ‘Me in My Place’ .

Sure, Knew It All Along… – Like most of you yesterday afternoon, when I first saw the tweet from Adam Schefter about AJ Hawk being cut I was shocked.  Well, maybe not shocked but really surprised.  We all knew about the circumstances surrounding Hawk going into the next season, i.e. $10 million circumstances, so while I shouldn’t have been surprised to see the announcement I still was.  That surprise diminished though as everyone chimed in how it was a ‘procedural move’ only and that Hawk could still be back with the Packers.  Lo and behold we all, well most of us, wake up to the news that Hawk is indeed back with the Packers.  While I wasn’t a big fan of AJ’s in the early years, he really grew on me this past season not only as a player but perhaps most importantly as a leader on the defense.  So welcome back AJ, no matter how short your absence was. 

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  • BigSnakeMan

    Yeah, but you can probably say farewell to Nick Barnett now.