I spent much of my afternoon digging through old blog articles and working at my actual job that when it came time for me to pick a dreamy dude for today, I was at a little bit of a loss. Wary of subjecting my readers to more soccer talk (especially since my mighty Man U lost yesterday), I tried to think of other hotties in other sports; I racked my brain for someone who looked good at the oscars, or someone I enjoy watching on tv. But for some reason no one would come to me.

And then I realized why. My mind is focused on one thing. That at midnight tomorrow, there is no more football.

What’s the point in talking about player trades? There are no players to trade. I can get excited about the draft, but what’s so exciting about your team getting a player who might not actually play this year?

So for today’s installment of DDD, I wish to dedicate my space to two men, who might not be dreamy, but I need them to get this all figured out. My life revolves around football; without it I feel lost. And without it, you all will be seeing a LOT more soccer players in DDD.

So, without further ado, may I present to you, Mr. DeMaurice Smith, head of the NFLPA and Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Let’s be bi-winning folks!


  • Colleen

    Most definitely not dreamy, but very necessary to my happiness. Get this resolved, boys, and soon.