This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is The Women That Started It All.

An Elizabeth Banks sort of morning.

Something we don’t get to see everyday, a Bucks win, beating the Pistons last night 92-90 .

Brew Crew has your Spring Training Recap of the Brewers-White Sox game & Zach Greinke’s debut .

The Brewers Bar asks everyone to Please Don’t Panic About Zack Greinke .

Cracked Sidewalks is encouraged that Marquette’s Defense Is Showing Signs of Improvement .

Badger of Honor on whether the Badgers hoops team is a NCAA Tourney Contender Or Pretender .

B5Q has Your Complete Wisconsin Badgers NFL Combine Wrap-up .

Looking to next season, McCarthy Addresses Jermichael Finley’s Return .

Come and knock on our door… We’ve been waiting for you… Three’s Company: Bishop, Hawk & Barnett .

Breaking News: Baseball Adds Charlie Sheen To List Of Banned Substances .

I often wonder what is the criteria for hosting, Hitting The Rock: 50 Celebs Who Have Never Hosted SNL And Probably Should .

I’m sure none of our readers are in this list of the Ten Types Of People Who Are Easily Hateable

This one is for @BrewCrewBabe : Five Essential Purchases for Riding the Bus to Work .

Man, some of these seem like a lot of work, I mean c’mon…grooming? Top 10 Habits That Let You Meet Women .

Alright, I think someone is just making some of these up, 36 Bizarre Group Names For Animals .

The 20 Hottest British Babes

Not Going To Go There – I had this bit all written up about professional athletes voicing their opinions on the current political situation here in Wisconsin & the responses they have gotten for doing so, right or wrong…or maybe I should say left.  Re-read it this morning and decided against sharing it, at least here in this space, as it sorted of drifted to a place I didn’t intend it to go.  So you’re now stuck reading about something you’re not going to read. To make it up to, here’s a link to an awesome photo of an AT-AT Snow Sculpture . You can never go wrong with a Star Wars link…right?

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