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CHICK DIG SCARS: Who the Hell is Sophie, and why is she making me choose?

Every late winter/early spring, there is a time after the last bit of confetti is cleaned up from the Super Bowl, and the NHL Playoffs and March Madness begin, which is a sports wasteland for me. I really don’t follow the NBA. Oh sure,... read more »


Dreamy Dudes of Doppler – CBA edition

I spent much of my afternoon digging through old blog articles and working at my actual job that when it came time for me to pick a dreamy dude for today, I was at a little bit of a loss. Wary of subjecting my readers to more soccer talk (especially... read more »


State of the Bucks – Week 19

State of the Bucks – A Weekly Review and Preview of the Milwaukee Bucks’ Previous and Upcoming Weeks   Last Week’s Results : @ New York, Lost 114-108 vs. Chicago, Lost 83-75 vs. Detroit, Won 92-90 The theme continues... read more »


Daybreak Doppler: Changed My Mind…

This week’s┬áDaybreak Doppler Dames theme is The Women That Started It All. An Elizabeth Banks sort of morning. Something we don’t get to see everyday, a Bucks win, beating the Pistons last night 92-90 . Brew... read more »