This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is The Women That Started It All.

A Carrie Underwood sort of morning.

Jaymes at The Brewers Bar hits the nail on the head, Marcum Good, But Uecker Shines in Spring Opener .

Bernie’s Crew has a recap of the Brewers Split Spring Training Openers .

Some Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings .

Have to say, pretty darn good for a team that started the season unranked, Wisconsin back in top 10 in both polls .

Looking forward to tonight’s Bucks/Piston’s game, Struggling Central rivals hoping for one last desperate playoff push .

Packer Net with Free agents and other thoughts .

GPN on how the Packers Still Search for Another Pass Rusher .

Posted last night on The Wisconsin Sports Tap: T’was The Night Before March .

Almost all of these are better, Crowdsourcing Pwns Big Ten Logo .

I’ve heard this question, or a variation of it, a lot: Was James Franco Stoned When He Hosted the Oscars?

Hard to argue with almost any of these 9 characters who made okay movies painful to watch .

So how many of these have you done, good or bad: 20 Morning-After Dealmakers And Dealbreakers .

We’re running out of Tequila? 6 Important Things You Didn’t Know We’re Running Out Of .

An infographic Exploring America’s Addiction to Porn .

Much better than the Verizon ‘Can You Hear Me Now’ dude: T-Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes Bikini Pics .

One Whole Year – Wow, a whole year of doing this.  256 posts & Daybreak Doppler Dames, 3580 (give or take) links shared, God knows how many hours visiting sites looking for those links and photos, one name change & at least two format changes.  As my Grandma McWeeny would say, “Uff-da!”.  When the Daybreak Doppler started on March 1 st of 2010, was pretty low on the totem pole as it related to traffic and reach in the Wisconsin Sports blog-o-sphere.   At the time it was pretty much just myself, Big Snake Man and Chris posting with any regularity and that really wasn’t all too regular. I thought picking up the reins of the Dan Walsh’s Morning Coffee would just be something fun to try, little did I know it would be launching pad of sorts.   Flash forward a year and a lot of things have changed: 

  • We have a truly great group of contributing authors of various frequency in posting & interests
  • A site which has the most female contributors of any Wisconsin Sports site out there
  • Weekly features including the Thursday Q & A, a Simple Kind of Fan, A Violent Femmes View & Chicks Dig Scars
  • One of, if not THE , best Packer game recaps in Rich’s Game Running Dairy + Twitter Reaction posts
  • Some actual name recognition & people knowing is not a weather website

For me personally, it’s been an opportunity to meet and interact with some great people and that right there has made the work doing this well worth it.  So thanks for stopping by every day, we’ll see you tomorrow.

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  • John Rehor

    Happy birthday Pocket Doppler! My how you’ve grown up.

  • foundinidaho

    Happy birthday to my favorite sports website! ;)

  • Rich Ward

    Happy Birthday to my favorite procrastination tool, local sports website and home away from home!

  • Chris

    Props to you, Wally, for all the growth and innovation. I’ve enjoyed being along got the ride.