Continuing what I started on Monday, let’s focus on that warm weather sport…..well, mostly warm weather, since the World Series is now being played in flippin’ November.

1. J.J. Hardy, shortstop, former Milwaukee Brewer, now with the Baltimore Orioles. What is it with eye candy being sent to OTHER teams, damn it?!

2. Derrek Lee, first baseman and former Chicago Cub.  Alas, like all decent players on the North Side, Lee was traded away. He is also playing for the Baltimore Orioles. I am sensing a pattern here. I may have to become an Oriole fan.

3. C.J. Wilson, pitcher, Texas Rangers. Obviously, not the same C.J. Wilson who  plays for the World Champion Green Bay Packers (sorry, have to sneak that in). Evidently, the baseball version of C.J. Wilson is pretty hilarious on Twitter, as well.

  • BigSnakeMan

    What? No Scott Posednik? ;)

  • Colleen

    Nice. Really considering taking up watching baseball as a hobby. ;)

  • Anita

    Maybe Scott can be one of our Friday Dudes. I’m saving the most obvious baseball hottie for then, as well. You can’t talk about good looking baseball dudes and NOT include Jeter, after all.

  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    Yummmm…..I’ll take #3 please. (Love those curls….)