This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is totally random ones I picked out of a hat.

A Megan Fox (Amazingly, first time she’s been in this place) sort of morning.

Bernie’s Crew continues  Prospect Madness: LHP Daniel Merklinger v. LHP Del Howell .

And there was much rejoicing… Former Brewer Gary Sheffield Retires .

Would you expect anything more from Bo?  Ryan coy about road shooting woes .

B5Q has your guide to former Badger football players at the NFL Combine .

Anonymous Eagles most recent Marquette Bubble Watch .

Bucksketball on why  Redd’s return is fitting for the Bucks . previews tonight’s Timbewolves/Bucks game .

The Packer Ranter ask the question  More Meaningful: the ’96 or ’10 SB Team?

Jersey Al is back in the film room, tracking the Packers’ predator Clay Matthews .

ACME Packing company takes a look at  The 2011 Green Bay Packers Offensive Line .

I really couldn’t think of a good answer to this question:  Who Do You Pick To Win It All If The NCAA Tourney Started Today?

In honor of President’s Day…which was yesterday… Top Twelve Fictional Presidents .

The new Facebook ‘Breakup Notifier’, taking stalking to a whole new level .

I want to believe… Top Unexplained UFO Photos and ET Encounters .

Whew, I don’t even need to watch now that I have this  2011 Oscars Cheat Sheet .

Hey look, it’s Kelly Brook .

Something in the Air – As we ease ourselves in to Spring Training for the Brewers, something has really jumped out at me relating to coverage of this 2011 Squad.  In almost everything I ready words like excited, optimistic & focus keep jumping out at me.  Sure almost every team heading into the season has high hopes but this years’ Brewers seem to be exuding it, most likely with good reason.  For the first time in a long time the Brewers starting rotation is solid, if not formidable and the offense has the ability to be as potent as any in the major leagues.  While it’s only March, coming into this season for the first time in a long while I feel confident saying it is a very realistic thing we may still be seeing the Brewers in October.

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  • Jersey Al

    It took you THIS long to get to Megan Fox?

    • Wally

      I know, I was shocked myself when putting together this week’s “roster”.