This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is, in honor of the 2011 SI Swimsuit Edition, SI Swimsuit Models.

A Dominique Piek sort of morning.

With no football of any sort this weekend, it was Badgers’ hoops which took on center stage and did they ever deliver, beating #1 Ranked Ohio State as Wisconsin’s  Jordan Taylor’s game was one for the history books .

Swingtown has  Box Score Observations from the Ohio State – Wisconsin game.

BadgersMix with their own Wisconsin vs Ohio State Reaction .

The Bucks mean while continue their skid this weekend and are  on pace for no playoffs .

Marquette followed the Bucks lead, losing yesterday with the final tally being  Georgetown 69, Marquette 60 .

Brew Crew Ball looks at  Spring Training Roster Battles: Position Players .

Over at AllGreenBayPackers they investigate how the NFL Concussion Conundrum is Enough to Make You Feel Woozy .

CD on  The Punt That Helped Win the Super Bowl .

ACME Packing Company with  10 Offseason Questions That Still Linger .

Mike at GPN on how  The Packers Thrive on Adversity .

Some  Valentine’s Day Wishes from Some of Your Favorite Athletes .

To keep you from making any mistakes today, Five Athletes Not to Take Valentine’s Day Advice From .

Good luck trying these  Top 10 Ways To Make Women Chase You .

8 fast food items that will ensure you die of a heart attack , but you’ll kick it satisfied.

To help balance all the pro-Valentine movies of course,  12 Anti-Valentine’s Day Movies .

The 15 Hottest Egyptian Women

Did You Make it Through? – Our first weekend without football, admittedly it was a little rough.  As I said to my Mom over the weekend, I’m so happy the Packers played so far because while football may be over it sure helps the Winter go by a lot quicker. We’re still faced with the inevitable though which is a super-sized hole in our Sundays.  Luckily, at least for most of us, the Badgers helped ease some of that pain with a stellar, quality win over Ohio State.  As I said on Twitter, about midway through the second half I had pretty much given up hope, I should have known better and BigSnakeMan chastised me as well for my slip up.  While the Badgers’ win didn’t replace football, it sure helped ease me into the offseason as I still had a rooting interest this weekend.

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  • Anita

    Thank god March Madness is only a couple weeks away. Can the Packers play this late into the season EVERY year? :)