Welcome to the Week 16 Version of the Milwaukee Bucks Mid-Week Report:

Another string of bad losses leaves the Milwaukee Bucks at their worst point of the season, 13 games below an even record and in danger of dropping into 4th place in the division; quite a shocking place to be for a team that was picked by many sports experts to win the division. The question again needs to be asked: was last year’s team really that good and all the injuries and roster turnover damaged the current squad from the start, or did last year’s team hit a string of some luck that set the bar way too high? The answer can’t fully be determined until the end of the season, but ignoring all injuries, perhaps some of the “plug and play” roster moves hurt team chemistry too much.

What We Have Seen :

We’ve seen Milwaukee blow what could have been their last chance to jump into the playoffs. 29 games left is a lot of time, but with Milwaukee 3.5 games behind 8th and final seeded Indiana and a chance to move closer, the Bucks lose the game at home and drop to 4.5 games out of the postseason. A lot will have to go their way for this to work out.

What We Have Not Seen :

We haven’t seen any indication that the Bucks could get involved in the trade market before the trade deadline in a few weeks. Last season the addition of John Salmons helped spark the team from a big funk. The funk is a bit bigger this season, so unless Kobe Bryant makes his way to Milwaukee in the trade of the millennium, they will most likely stand pat and utilize the extra $18 million cap space they will have this summer.

What We Wish We Would Have Seen :

One trend among all 16 current playoff teams is a winning record at home. Milwaukee is 5-5 in the last 10 home games and 12-12 overall. If you can’t protect home court, you really have to get crazy on the road, and the Bucks aren’t doing that.

What We Wish We Would Have Not Seen :

We really hate seeing Milwaukee lose within the division. Again comparing to playoff teams, none of them have losing records in their division while Milwaukee is 3-6. Their 1 division win in 2011 came against Cleveland. Cleveland is 9-45 and any team that loses to Cleveland twice (they beat the Bucks on Nov 24th) gets kicked out of the NBA.

What We Wish We Could See But It Has Not Happened Yet So Therefore We Cannot See It :

We’re lucky to have so much going on around the state of Wisconsin. The Packers won the Super Bowl, Wisconsin Badgers basketball toppled #1 and previously-undefeated Ohio State, and Brewers report soon for spring training. It’s a lot to wash the nasty taste of professional basketball from our mouths, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that the ship magically straightens out and the Bucks do some damage the rest of the way? If you are still reading this, my hat goes off to you.

Some Stats to Know :

Last 10 Games: 3-7 Record (1-5 road, 2-2 home)

Next 10 Games: 2 Road (.390 Oppenent’s %), 8 Home (.456 %)

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