The late Calvin Griffith, former owner of the Minnesota Twins, was noted for his squeaky wallet. He whined incessantly when he had to pay a player more money. Once, when watching a teenage Butch Wynegar lining baseballs all over the ballpark, Griffith was quoted as saying, ”Unfortunately, Wynegar looks like he might be a star.”
Unfortunately, Badger basketball fans, Jordan Taylor appears to be a star.
On Super Bowl Sunday, I watched at the Kohl Center as Taylor dismantled Michigan State. The Spartans guarded him well and it didn’t matter. Thirty points later, the Badgers had won by nearly 30 points. This past Wednesday against Iowa, Taylor was awful shooting the basketball for the first 25-30 minutes of the game. Yet, when it became crunch time, Taylor showed no reluctance shooting the basketball and made several key hoops in the Badgers overtime win. In many ways, I felt his performance against the Hawkeyes was more impressive because of the mental toughness he displayed on an evening when he easily could have pouted his way toward an irrelevant performance.
On Saturday, against the numero uno team in the land, Jordan Taylor again proved to be the best player on the floor. He was hounded on the offensive end and struggled with his shot in the first half. In the second half, with his team down 15 points, Taylor hit difficult shot after difficult shot. He did not turn the ball over. He defended well.
I simply cannot remember a Badger player more valuable to his team than Jordan Taylor. Without Taylor, the Badgers would struggle to be a .500 team in the league. He is the team’s MVP, and he is the Big Ten’s most valuable player.
Unfortunately for Badger fans, I think Jordan Taylor needs to be playing in the NBA next year. If you had your choice right now, would you rather have Brandon Jennings or Jordan Taylor as your point guard? I would want Taylor…he makes better decisions, shoots the ball better, defends better, and is the same age as Jennings.
Enjoy the year and enjoy watching Jordan Taylor. He’ll be playing 82 games next year.

  • BigSnakeMan

    I would still argue that Taylor isn’t as good as Devin Harris was with the Badgers. But he’s getting closer all the time.

  • Jon

    Taylor is not as flashy as Harris. Taylor’s Badger team has Jon Leuer, who will be an NBA player next year, which takes some of the pressure off of him on the offensive end. Devin Harris needed to carry more of the scoring load.