Like some of the Packers wide receivers, on Monday, I dropped the ball.  It’s my week for Dreamy Dudes of Doppler, but during drive time, I was sitting in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport waiting to return to the land of the ‘nati. So apologies to all of our faithful readers, I was unable to post. I’m assuming though that everyone was in a pretty stellar mood though on Monday and did not require a pick me up. :)

So, since I was a pseudo-slacker on Monday, today I bring you an extended version of Dreamy Dudes of Doppler.

First on the list, Mr. Charlie Peprah, in a great photo taken in Dallas by CHTV’s Corey Benhke.

First off, Peprah led the team in tackles for the Super Bowl. He flew around the field, much like Bishop did, demonstrating why he has usurped Bigby in the starting safety role.

Second on the list is farm boy himself, Mr. Jordy Nelson. Not quite the head turner, and he kind of has Michael Phelps-esque ears, but his play on Sunday cemented his place in my heart. Especially when we learned today in McCarthy’s press conference that Jordy played most of the fourth quarter with a knee injury.

Nelson’s been known to at times catch a case of the “dropsies” and had some soul crushing ones in the Super Bowl; however, his ability to rebound and come through in other clutch plays earns him a spot in today’s extended Dreamy Dudes of Doppler.

  • Mark

    And Jordy’s a daddy too!

  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    You were in DFW??? You were THERE??? Damn, I’m jealous, but if that’s the case, I forgive you for dropping the ball. I’ll go along with a couple of our Super Bowl heros as Dreamy Dudes, but no one thus far has topped Greg Jennings’ smile. (Once you’ve run thru our football heros, I’d suggest Josh Holloway….
    now *there* is a killer smile!)