Super Bowl, baby! Can you believe it?

I can say I truly did believe. At times this year the faith wavered a bit, but I really didn’t ever give up on the Packers. This faith has been rewarded, big time. Thank you, Aaron, Jordy, Charles, Donald, Korey (especially Korey), Daryn, Jarrett, etc. etc.

Many of you know that I got bad news on Friday. It’s been the best of times and worst of times. My soon to be 65 year old father, who is a Jerry Kramer fan beyond compare, found out that he has terminal leukemia.

My Dad is the reason I love the Packers. As with so many of you, (Hi Aunt Gert) my loyalty was passed down by family. He gave me his copy of Instant Replay at a very young age because he wanted me to know that people from Idaho could achieve great things. The first time I went to Lambeau in September 1996 I called my father from the stands on my (very crappy) cell phone and hollered “I’m at the game! I’m here!”

My great-great grandmother forded the Snake River in a covered wagon in where else? Glenns Ferry, Idaho, hometown of Korey Hall. It was extremely dangerous. I invite everyone to come see the Idaho State Park site where this happened and see the river. You will turn pale. My father is every bit as tough as she was.

The last time I was in Green Bay, December 2007, I bought my dad an autographed copy of Fuzzy Thurston’s autobiography. In doing so, at Fuzzy’s bar, I met the man himself and proof of that is now my avatar on Twitter. I was so excited I basically lost my voice and had to squeak out how much my Dad and I love him. Fuzzy beamed and hugged me. (Or, as Jersey Al says “he really liked you, didn’t he?” I like to think so.)

Fuzzy’s been through a lot with cancer. So has my Dad. This is Dad’s third bout and apparently his last. On Sunday, they both were very happy men. In a very weird way, that helps me accept what’s coming. I came into this world on a Super Bowl win. My Dad’s going out on one. I called him after the game and having something so ordinary, yet so special to discuss was amazing.

Thank you, everyone, who tweeted me or DMed me with your thoughts and prayers. I am grateful to find myself in this wonderful community of support on Twitter.

To those who are given much, much is expected. I feel that for myself every bit as much as anyone on the Packers. I’ve got a lot to live up to.

God bless the Green Bay Packers. And my Daddy.


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  • Mark

    Sending good thoughts to your pops Colleen cancer sucks. :(. It’s a terrible disease and as Jimmy V said never give up. As I’m writing this I’m crying because I have an aunt who has survived two bouts of cancer and it has affected me.

    Stay Strong Colleen and Colleen’s dad!

  • Anita

    Wonderful, Colleen! Prayers to you and your Dad. I’m so glad he was able to see them win on Sunday!

  • foundinidaho

    Thank you guys – you’re awesome. :)