This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is, in honor of the post-Super Bowl episode, Glee Girls.

A Lea Michele sort of morning.

Jersey Al breaks out the reels and does a little film study on the Pittsburgh Steelers .

Brady at GPN has part 4 of his  Calling the Super Bowl Muse  series.

ACME Packing Company asking  Could Special Teams Decide Super Bowl XLV?

Check out Corey’s photos from Day 4 of his on-site Super Bowl coverage.

4th & 26 is  weighing the importance of Super Bowl story lines.

Starting to sound like a broken record here, but the Bucks lost to the Warriors last night, as  Corey Maggette can’t save Milwaukee down the stretch .

The biggest question of the day for Badger football fans is  Will Jacoby Brissett sign with Wisconsin?

The other bowl happening this weekend,  Your OFFICIAL 2011 Puppy Bowl Scouting Report .

At least the current Packers QB didn’t make this list of  the 10 biggest degenerate Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks , can’t say the same for the other one.

A handy flowchart to determine  What Comment Should You Leave On Facebook .

More than just coffee,  10 Foods You Can Allegedly Make In A Coffee Maker .

It is that time of the year,  Girl Scout Cookies I Wish Existed .

Corny to the point of nauseating in come instances, 11 Masterfully Corny Movie Titles .

Carve out some time for this,  A Pictorial History of the SI Swimsuit Issue Cover (1964-2010).

Tick, Tock  - Just think, the next time we’ll be here the Packers will either be Super Bowl Champions or the team that lost to them.  No matter, this season has been a hell of a ride and looking back a very enjoyable one. I’ll admit to losing bit of hope there mid-season but I never lost faith and to see that faith rewarded in being able to watch the Packers in the Super Bowl is simply great.  So here’s looking forward to something that hasn’t happened in 14 years, having a great time doing it and what will hopefully be a celebration into the night.  The Super Bowl Pocket Doppler Prognosticators will up later this afternoon so check back for that, have a wonderful weekend and GO PACK GO.

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