Joining us for our Super Bowl edition of the Thursday Q & A is noted Packers fan Ashlynn Brooke.  In our Q & A we’ll find out how Ashlynn became a Packers fan, her thoughts on this past season and of course who she thinks will be the winner come Sunday night.

You’re originally from Oklahoma and rightfully so a big Sooners fan, that all seems to fit.  But the Packers?  Share with us where your love and fandom of the Green Bay Packers came from.

The first time I watched the draft, I was almost 6 years old.   That’s the year that our boy, Brett Favre, was in the draft.   I watched him go to (and not really play for) ATL, then followed him from there to Green Bay.  Even at that young age I was intrigued with the story of the Packers, the program, and the legacy.  I guess you could say that if it weren’t for Brett going to Green Bay, I may not know as much about them as I do now.  But I always said that even if he wasn’t a part of the team, they’d still be my team.  And they will be.  ‘Til the end!

You’re pretty active on Twitter with other Packers fans.  How do you feel about being part of the online Packers community?

The Packer community, I must say, is a very loyal one.  I enjoy that because I find myself to be a loyal person.  If I love something, I love it endlessly.  And that seems to be the way that a lot of the fellow Packer fans are.  I won’t be specific, but I have some experience with fans of another popular team, and they are so “fair weather”.  Packer fans tend to believe and that’s important to me.

So at the start of the season, before the spate of injuries occurred, where you as high on this team’s chances as a lot of the national sports pundits here?

I was.  I said after preseason that we would take it home.  Now, part of that was me being really enthusiastic.  But really, it was just logical to me.  This was our year.  Aaron was on fire and players were lined up perfectly.  We have a lot of young, but poised and “ready” players. 

How about after all the injuries, did you really give the Packers any chance (say around midseason) to get to the Super Bowl?

Then after the injuries, and even a few people that weren’t injured but seemed to keep making unnecessary mistakes, I was getting a little nervous.  But in true Packer fashion, They picked up with more awesome players and it kind of showed me that they’d be just fine.  All these great players stepped up.  It even had me saying “Who is he?  Where did he come from”,  and in my opinion a team doesn’t get much better than its “back up” players.  Makes sense if you think about it.

Looking at the regular season only, what was your favorite moment from it?

Oh my.  That’s a really tough one.  But I think for me the moment that I thought, “We are going to be just fine”, is when Rodgers came back from his concussion to play the Giants at home.  He gives the ball to Nelson first thing, and he goes in for the 82 yard TD.  Everything just fell into place… even though it was later in the season.  Not saying I didn’t have faith before that.  But that after that moment/game, I had a renewed sense of “Yeah, they are more than capable of doing this”.

The Packers have had to dig deep into the roster this year to get players to fill in for injured starters. Who among those fill-ins is your favorite and why?

I think James Starks proved to be a very impressive player.  Sam Shields was strong and precise.  And two that aren’t rookies that really came through for the team were James Jones and Brandon Jackson.  All of these players in their different roles were very effective for the team, and are all very talented guys.   I really want to say everyone who came in made an amazing impact.  Way to step up, fellas!!

What’s your opinion of the job the Packers coaching staff has done this year working without the roster they had counted on?

There’s a LOT to be said about the Coaches of this team.  In my opinion, they are extraordinary.  I’m not sure if McCarthy has ever had to work with that much adversity.  And him coming through like that really shows that he’s a great leader.  I can only imagine what a difficult job it is to have to “replace” something so crucial on something you’ve worked so hard for.  But you know what, all those guys are working hard in practice every day.  And they wouldn’t be there had McCarthy, Capers, and others not had confidence in them.  I think that everyone as a whole found strength in belief, and this season proves to so many different teams, leaders, players and even fans just what I had said before.  A team is only as good as it’s “fill-ins”.   Although, I don’t like to call them that.  They are a staple to this team, in my eyes.

The Packers have a great quarterback, emerging young players and will be getting a bunch of key people back next year off of the IR.  Do you think this could be the start of a Patriots-like ‘dynasty’ run for Green Bay?

It really does have all the components to be a great dynasty.  But for what I see for the coming years, and long-term future of these talented players, the Patriots (or any other team for that matter) wont have anything on the Green Bay Packers.  We have an incredible and inspirational history.  And even more is to be said about the present and the future.

What do you think will be the one hardest challenge the Packers will have to face going up against the Steelers? 

I think that the Steelers have a great defense.  They like to confuse the offense, especially the QB’s.  Luckily Aaron is great about getting away, running the ball himself,  and foreseeing his open (and not so open) receivers.  I think knowing the Steelers D will help a lot.  As far as the Steelers offense, I think the Packer’s D will prevail.

Well, time to call your shot.  At the end of the game on Sunday, will the Lombardi Trophy be coming home to Green Bay?

Absolutely.  I see a close game.  But I see us winning.  There is NO ONE more deserving of that trophy.  And that may be a loaded statement…

…and now for the lighting round.

Your all-time favorite Packers player is: 

Donald Driver.  He’s been on the team for almost as long as I’ve been a fan.

Your favorite Packers blog/site to read: 

Any and all.  I’ve discovered so many new and great ones through the power of social networking.

If there were no Packers, you would root for what other NFL team:

Oh my!  Could you imagine?!  I’d have to say the Washington Redskins.  I don’t know why.  Just kinda like em.

If you were a pro football player, your position would be: 

WR or RB.  I’d love to catch that ball and run with the wind.  I can’t imagine the feeling of scoring all those touchdowns and making all those amazing catches for your team. 

Should I ever run into you at a bar, I should buy you a _________________ for taking the time to answer these questions.

Grey Goose and soda with two limes

Thank you very much to Ashlynn for taking the time to answer our questions for our Q & A this week.  For more on Ashlynn’s Packers thoughts & comments, make sure to give her a follow on twitter at .

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