This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is, in honor of the post-Super Bowl episode, Glee Girls.

A Naya Rivera sort of morning.

The Packer Update on how the Packers are a homegrown team .

So all the reports of Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey not playin the Super Bowl may have been a little premature .

Adam at OBD is saying  Rodgers needs to be like Roethlisberger Sunday .

Just a fantastic collection of photos that Corey from CHTV got while at Media Day yesterday . about the Packers’  DOM-inating Defense .

UW Hoops got back on the winning side of things, beating Purdue last night at the Kohl Center .

The Bucky Channel calls last night’s UW win a Big Win for Bucky .

I don’t agree with any of these, but in the interest of fairness,  9 Reasons the Steelers Will Take Down the Pack .

Some gems here:  Dumbest moments of the 2010-2011 NFL season .

This is just great, The Male Dictionary Vs The Female Dictionary .

Some interesting items in this list of the Top 10 Reasons Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes , but I still like Blondes better…or I’m not a Gentleman, could be that too.

Everyone knows that cursing aloud helps people tolerate pain more than not cursing,  7 Myths Mythbusters Proved That We Still Can’t Believe Are True .

This would seem apropos for today,  Five Essential Purchases for Surviving a Snowpocalypse , they forgot beer though…lots and lots of beer.

Whole bunch of Sofia Vergara .

Welcome Back, But Not Quite Yet – Yesterday Packers CEO Mark Murphy was asked about Brett Favre and to sum it up, he said:  “…at the appropriate time, we’ll reach out to him. And I envision he’ll come back into the fold.”  I’ve heard comments on both sides of the fence on this, but did you really expect Murphy to respond any differently?  It’s inevitable at some point in time, maybe 2 years from now maybe 5, that the name Brett Favre and the number 4 will be enshrined on the Ring of Fame at Lambeau.  I’ve mentioned in this place many times before my loathing of Favre which eventually mellowed to apathy & now to ‘meh’.  I imagine in a few more years my feelings towards Favre will continue to mellow.  And most….ARRRRGGHHHHH….God Damnit!  I did it, didn’t I…Super Bowl week and I fell into the Favre Trap…sigh…well, at least its out of the way now.

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  • BrewTownBoozer

    I have been as big of a Favre hater as anyone. Watching that NFC Championship made me realize a few things. Favre would have most certainly played in the second half. He would have tried to force balls when he was in there. I am so, so, so grateful to have Rodgers now.

    If it wasn’t for Rodgers, I would probably have to wait 30 years to forgive Favre. If we win on Sunday, I feel like he can slink on back whenever he wants. Favre’s impending legacy in GB is directly tied to this game I believe.

    • Wally

      Good point on how the outcome of this game may affect how people feel as to letting Favre ‘back in the fold’.

  • Ceallaigh_k

    I am so sick of Favre indirectly hijacking this week. This Superbowl belongs to the Packers, not a former Packer who has tried to stick it to them in the three years he has not been one.

    And honestly, how many times can the media be a complete and utter buzzkill and grill Aaron about Favre? They might as well ask, So, Aaron, how did it feel to have one of the most famous quarterbacks in the history of the game completely ignore and crap all over you for your first three years in the league?</i<

    Because from where I'm sitting, that's about the only interaction Rodgers had with the guy. Wasn't he, well, blown off during Favre's tenure since it wasn’t his job to coach/

    Rodgers has the patience of a saint to stomach these questions, though I’d cheer loudly if he actually had a slip of the filter and answered, Well, Wally, he was kind of a douche to me. I was sick of his histrionics, and threw a party the moment he finally dragged his giant sack of drama out of Green Bay.

    As a credit to Darla Rodgers, apparently Aaron is not as catty as I am, has a better filter, and knows when to give the one word answer, smile and move on.

    The Superbowl should be Aaron’s party, not one where a bitter, washed up caricture of his former self quarterback who didn’t know when to hang his cleats up media circus.


    So, Wally, ask me what I really think about Favre ;)