This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is, in honor of the post-Super Bowl episode, Glee Girls.

A Heather Morris sort of morning.

Well, as we all found out the hard way last night,  Clay Matthews Is Runner-Up For Defensive Player Of The Year .

CD presents his  Super Bowl Situational: The Steeler Penalty Hits . on the 2010 Packer Anthem vs the 1996 Packer Anthem .

It would appear Texas is having Pittsburgh/Green Bay type weather this morning as  Mother Nature Continues to Provide Welcoming Weather to Packers, Steelers .

Corey, who is down in Dallas this week, out together his Day 1 Photo Gallery, great shots .

After dropping a game to Penn State and in the polls, the Badgers hoops team is back in action tonight, Swingtown has your  Purdue Pre-Game Analysis .

The Bucks lost to the Clippers last night as  Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan put on their private dunk contest .

This would be awesome:  If The Players Got To Ask The Super Bowl Media Day Questions .

Some sound reasoning here in this list of  9 Reasons the Pack Will Beat Pittsburgh .

5 Complaints About Modern Life (That Are Statistically B.S.) …I don’t know, some of these seem pretty true to me.

Pretty much everything you need to know about Super Bowl XLV .

A nice set of charts on how to create the perfect drink .

Found this on a site which caters to women, so figure it’s safe to post:  The Best & Worst Boobs At The SAG Awards .

Aly Michalka is the sexiest fake cheerleader ever .

First Runner Up – Well, there was quite a bit of excitement early last night as report after  report on Twitter came across that Clay Matthews has won the 2010 Defensive Player of the Year, what would have been a back-to-back victory for the Packers as Charles Woodson got the same award last year.  Many of the erroneous tweets were coming from AP writers themselves which only lended credence to what turned out to be a misinformed rumor.  Of course, Clay didn’t win the award as it went to Steelers safety Troy Polamalu.  Whether Clay should have beat Polamalu is up for discussion, but I’m sure there are some people out there this morning and last night who are re-evaluating there Twitter usage habits to avoid what happened last night.

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  • Anita

    I have to give props to the FootballChick on my Tweet deck (not a Packers fan, just a overall football fan) who tweeted, “Polamalu as DPOY = Denzel winning Best Actor for Training Day.” Good analysis. Many feel Denzel won the Best Actor that year, to make up for not winning it in years past, with performances/movies that were much more worthy than TRAINING DAY, for chrissakes. While Polumalu had a good year, I don’t think he was more worthy than Matthews.

    And what was with the writers who threw random votes to guys who had no chance of winning? Come on. Two votes for Urlacher and one for Haloti Ngata? Say what? The two Urlacher votes undoubtedly came from Chicago sportswriters who, if they were hell bent on voting for a Bear, should have thrown their votes to Peppers.

    I wonder if Matthews was handicapped by the fact that voters did not want to give it to a guy from the same team two years in a row?