Never has a week gone so slowly and so quickly all at once. It’s already Tuesday? Sunday will be here soon? It’s ONLY Tuesday? Sunday will never get here! I go back and forth on this point.

I think maybe the Packers feel the same way. MM made it very clear that he wishes the game was here already, even though he wants everyone to enjoy the unique experience of Super Bowl week. It is true that all of the attention can be a distraction and detract from the focus the team must have in order to play this most special of games.

But I was struck by Mike Freeman tweeting today that the Packers were very relaxed. Usually, he said, that wouldn’t mean a whole lot, but they were as relaxed as the Steelers. Like they’d been here before. (And, looking at these pictures, I would agree with that. They’re loose and fun and happy. Have to love Matt and Aaron clowning it up as usual.)

No, no, as well all know, this crop of Packers hasn’t been to this game; as a Packer, anyway. But as pressure situations go, they’ve been through a lot worse the last few years. The maximum amount of pressure one quarterback, head coach, general manager and yes, one team can take. They are stronger for it. They are the soon to be World Champion Green Bay Packers. I don’t get the sense they’re cocky; I get the sense they’re confident. Makes all the difference in the world.

I have a feeling that Phil Hanrahan is going to have an epic foreword to the paperback edition of Life After Favre. I can’t wait to read it.

Go Pack Go.


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  • Anita

    Wait a second. You mean to tell me that the starting QB is supposed to GET ALONG with his back up?

    Huh. Go figure.