This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is, in honor of the post-Super Bowl episode, Glee Girls.

A Dianna Agron sort of morning.

Andy from is looking forward to the Super Bowl XLV matchup and Getting Defensive .

Chris at Ol’ Bag of DonutsWisconsin pens an aplogetic letter to Mike McCarthy .

ACME Packing Company with Why the Green Bay Packers Are Still “America’s Team” Regardless of Super Bowl XLV .

Some good news for the continuity of the Packers coaching staff, Trgovac will be back in 2011 .

CD on how The NFL Has Outgrown the Pro Bowl .

Your Packers Super Bowl Preview from Packers Therapy is waiting for your listening pleasure.

Looks like the Brewers need to get to work as Rickie Weeks Sets Extension Deadline .

Bucksketball is wondering are these suddenly sweet shooting Bucks for real?

Cracked Sidewalks says It’s almost February, which means Bracketology preparations are beginning .

Hmm, I see a recurring theme of Philadelphia fans here: 9 Examples of Fans Behaving Badly .

They got #1 right here in this list of the Top 10 Daring Escapes .

Somewhat depressingly, I mentally nodded ‘yep’ to almost everyone of these 8 signs that you’re getting old .

Because when you’re fighting, style’s the most import thing: The 50 Most Stylish Fight Scenes Of All Time .

NFL Cheerleaders , lots of them.

Here we go – At the beginning of the season if you told me I would be spending this week looking forward to watching the Packers in the Super Bowl I would have said their chances are good. Mid-season had you set the same thing to me, I would have said you’re nuts. Resiliency is the one word I can best use to describe this 2010 Packers team. Through injuries, demoralizing loses and what not the Packers are in the Super Bowl. Let’s enjoy this week leading up to the game, put aside all the petty BS that’s been flying around the team, and have a great week leading up to Sunday.

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