It’s been five days since the Packers ended the Bears season in the NFC Championship Game, but people are still talking about whether or not Jay Cutler wimped out by not finishing the game on his sprained MCL. For the record, I don’t think a guy gets to the level Cutler is at by not having a significant amount of drive and determination, and a huge amount of sack. Professional football remains a genuine Man’s Game–anyone who straps it on in the NFL has more than a modicum of stones and a ton of desire.

I could see there being questions raised about Cutler had he opted out in Week 3 or Week 6, or decided to sit out in Week 11 if his team was out of playoff contention. But it makes no sense that he would go all soft and squishy in the second half of a Championship contest that results in a berth in the sport’s ultimate game. Why would a guy who endured 57 sacks all season and was knocked out of a game earlier in the year lose his grit when all he sacrificed for was within reach?

I think the players and fans who are questioning this guy need to check themselves.


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  • Ceallaigh_k

    There’s part of me that feels sorry for the guy. I’m not going to question the severity of the injury, nor do I question when and how the Bears pulled him from the field. Could’ve been just the injury, could’ve been because he wasn’t gettin anything postively accomplished. Might have been combination.

    And I won’t question his lack of stones. Any premier level athlete that can perform with Type I Diabetes has got to be one tough mofo.

    But Jay Cutler’s own worse enemy is the one staring him in the face. He had the reputation of being whiny, distant, lightweight (insert own degrading adjective of choice.)And to those who have already labeled him as such, he lived up to expectations. His apparent attitude afterward didn’t score him any points. He might have been mad and disappointed about coming out, but the image he exuded was disinterest.

    He didn’t do himself any favors by ignoring his own team, listening to what looked like an iPod on the sideline. Sure, he could’ve been listening team communications, but to the average bystander, he appeared to be tuning out. Perhaps if fans (and other players) hadn’t already formed that opinion of him, his injury and subsequent benching may have been received in a more positive light.

    Now I certainly dont’ advocate that any player stay in the game if their injury will hinder a team. Can you imagine the wank if he stayed in, it was known he couldn’t function at 100% because of said injury than had lost the game? Would he be lauded as the wounded hero that tried or the boat anchor that dragged his team down? It’s truly a Catch 22 in that situation.

    And yet there are Bears fans on various forums ranting with outrage that Rodgers is the lightweight, that Peppers’ hit was just fine and if Aaron had a pair, he would not have been slumped over (Act0ring, they claim!)and cost Peppers $10K.

    To which I say, WHUT?

  • Chris

    First off, great take and I agree completely. Second, the absurd discussion about Rodgers by CHI fans is, sadly, about par for the course among that fan base.

  • Anita

    No doubt lead by their “leader” in whine, Mr. Urlacher. Not only did he throw a complete hissy fit when Peppers got called for the hit, but after the game, announced that he hopes that the Packers get pounded by the Steelers. No conference loyalty, whatsoever. In contrast, Lovie Smith wished McCarthy well and told him to “Go get ‘em.”

    So, color me unsurprised that that fanbase takes after their hero, Brian Urlacher, the walking paternity suit. It just makes my blood boil that Aaron Rodgers can talk about that piece of crap in glowing terms, and say how much fun he has playing against him and how much respect he has for him, while Urlacher can only bluster, whine and suck on his sour grapes while he tells the media that he hopes Rodgers gets pounded next week. Nice gratitude and sportsmanship, assface.

  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    I think it all boils down to “class”.
    As a Packer Fan in Illinois, I pay attention to our rivals down here, and Cutler has never impressed me. From the antics that caused him to leave Denver, to his attitude in Chicago–I’m pretty damn sure he cares about what’s going on, but sometimes it’s hard to tell by looking at him.
    Bears fans complaining about the fine for Peppers’ hit on Rodgers? Hey, we all complain sometimes when our guys do something they shouldn’t and get nailed for it….but it’s hardly what I’d call “classy”.
    Lastly, Urlacher and Rodgers….Urlacher wants the Steelers to “pound” us? Real classy…
    Rodgers, complimenting a respected and talented athlete, and telling us he enjoys playing against him: Real Class.