This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Had On Here Before.

A Minka Kelly sort of morning.

Kris Burke from AllGreen poses the question Aaron Rodgers and Illegal Hits: When Will the NFL Walk the Talk?

Packer Net on how the  Packers took the hard road to Dallas .

The Packer Ranter has their Packers Fan Shanty Town all designed , just need a location for it.

Good news for the Packers, not so much for the Steelers as ACME Packing Company reports that the  Pittsburgh Steelers Likely to Lose Center Maurkice Pouncey to Injury .

On the heels of photo-gate and perhaps reading into some things from Mike McCarthy’s presser yesterday, Packer Update says  don’t look for Barnett to return .

The Sports Bank asks  Can Green Bay’s Clay Matthews be Better than his Dad?

Seeing as pitchers & catchers report in less than a month, The Wisconsin Sports Tap presents  Baseball’s All-Wisconsin Team .

Breaking News -  Roger Goodell: “I will continue paying myself more than $10 million per year if there is no work stoppage” .

Can you name all 5 of these Sports Americans Suck At  without even looking? 

I really would like to meet this guy some day:  The 7 Greatest (Real) Bill Murray Stories Ever Told .

Some of these cool, some a little disturbing, some just…I don’t know:  The funniest and coolest toilets around the world .

Looking for a way to get our of your relationship?  Well here you go, 7 ways to get a girl to dump you .

Seem to be missing the obvious Bachelor Party in here but beyond that a solid list of  Acceptable Occasions for a Sausage Fest .

It’s Miranda Kerr .

Time Flies – Monday afternoon I was dreading this week.  I figured after the excitement of Sunday and knowing that the Packers were going to the Super Bowl but not being able to see them play for two weeks, this week would drag horribly.  Luckily, in the perverse masochistic sense of the word, I got my ass kicked all week at work so the days just flew by. So one week down, one week to go until the Super Bowl game.

Pocket Doppler Prognosticators will be taking the week off to get ready for the big game so have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday as we prep for the big game.

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