So it seems that Aaron Rodgers and Charles Woodson went to Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy and convinced him to shift around his Super Bowl schedule so that the team picture could be taken at a time when the injured players could be included. I thought moving the pic to next Friday seemed like a good solution, very inclusive, a way of acknowledging the contribution of those on IR — very Packers.

However, McCarthy didn’t seem to be in much of a magnanimous mood when speaking with the media on Thursday morning . He expressed his disappointment with Nick Barnett and Jermichael Finley, the two guys who publicly lamented the exclusion of IR players, and with a taste of that famed “Pittsburgh Macho” declared that there will be “no apologies.” That firm stance left me wondering about the future of those two players. Finley is a rising star, so I expect he will be chastised and will return to the team next year. But Barnett, over 30 and likely on the downside of his career, might have hastened his departure from GB by going public with his feelings.

As I think about the roots of why this whole issue surfaced in the first place, I recall reading stories last summer about the pictures adorning the walls of 1265 Lombardi Avenue, photos that honor the past championship teams. I recall that McCarthy noted that only title teams are so remembered in the hallowed halls of Packers HQ. With that sort of premium placed on such team pictures, I can see why it would be important to players to be pictured with their teammates, particularly if you were a guy like Nick Barnett who has a long history with the team, who has endured a lot of “close but no cigar” situations, a player whose clock is ticking — this might be his last chance to be remembered as part of a Packers championship team. To me, that makes his feelings all the more understandable.


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  • Wally

    I thought McCarthy’s response was great. I took it as OK, you guys got your way but you were dumb about how you did it. I get why the players wanted to be in the picture, I really do, I just loathe the way Barnett & Finley did it. If I had a client that did something I didn’t agree with and lambasted them in front of 1000’s of people publically, I wouldn’t be surprised if they dropped me as a vendor.

    As I listened to McCarthy’s presser this morning, the thought came to me was a parent saying to a child, ‘OK, you threw a tantrum in the store so I got you that toy to shut you up, but there will be a consequence once we get home’.

  • foundinidaho

    I wonder if they’d gone to McCarthy privately if he would have made the same decision, or if he would have blown them off. Call me cynical, but I do wonder.

  • Chris

    I don’t like the way they did it, either — it lacked class and professionalism. But that doesn’t change my opinion that it was pretty cheap of GB to contemplate doing the picture without them in the first place.

  • Ceallaigh_k

    I don’t think Twitter was the right place to pitch a fit. So, yeah, I think Barnett and Finley came off a little petulent.

    But I’m glad this has a happy ending. Besides, I think the photo would have more power with the IR guys in it to show how far the team has come this year despite injury. Each guy on IR went down trying to get the team to the Superbowl, so each of them should be recognized.

  • Anita

    I thought McCarthy’s reaction was kind of an eye rolling, “consider the source” response because Barnett and Finley were the catalysts. I also think that it was the right thing to do to include them.

    It’s also another example of QB1 being one smart cookie. He stopped Tweeting in training camp. His roommate Brett Goode said that Rodgers does not tweet during the season. Looking at how Finley and Barnett’s words on Twitter blew up to be a distraction (plus, the Cutler fallout, with other NFL players Tweeting negative opinions of his performance on Sunday) you can see that Rodgers decision to step away from his public Twitter (he also has a private one which is locked and only his friends and family can see) was the correct thing to do…as much as we all miss his movie quotes.

  • Chris

    I am offended, Anita, that you would objectify a man with the term “cookie.” As any contemporary feminist knows, the proper term is “luscious beefcake.” Please make a note of it.

  • Anita

    “Luscious beefcake?” Yep.

    That’s why QB1 was our inaugural Dreamy Dude of Doppler. You always remember you first one!

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