This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Had On Here Before.

A Maria Menounos sort of morning.

We should be having our normal Thursday Q & A this afternoon with Kareem Copeland from the Green Bay Press-Gazette.  However, I got the questions to him late and as you can imagine he’s a tad bit busy so if it’s late or doesn’t happen, that’s all on me.  Check back later this afternoon or keep an eye on Twitter to see what happens.

ACME Packing Company continues to look at key match-ups for Super Bowl XLV, this time  Pittsburgh Steelers Receiver Mike Wallace Vs. Green Bay Packers Secondary .

The Packer Ranter investigates how  Cheese and Bratwurst Can Cause Brain Stimulation .

The Wisconsin Sports Tap honors BJ ‘The Freezer’ Raji in  Out of the Shadows .

On how the  Green Bay Packers and Super Bowl XLV Are The Perfect Fit .

Max asks something we all are/were,  Did Aaron Rodgers Suffer His Third Concussion?

Bucksketball says it got hot in there as the Bucks rallied to beat the Hawks 98-90 .

Cracked Sidewalks with how  MU is one of only 8 yet to lose by double digits after SDS falls .

Yesterday was Pocket Doppler’s Patron Saint Bob Uecker’s 76thBirthday.  The Brewers Bar honored the day with some of Uecker’s best calls & lines .

On how the  Green Bay Packers and Super Bowl XLV: The Perfect Fit .

A Packers team makes this Top 10 list of the All-Time NFL Defenses .

The Best and Worst Online Dating Commercials .

Yeah, the Pro Bowl sucks, so here are  Five Bowls Way Better Than the Pro Bowl .

Things That Always Happen in Movies, But Never Ever in Real Life …actually I do this one all the time, ‘taken my glasses off, put my hair down & become 9000 times hotter.’

Actually surprised at some of the items on this list of the 11 Foods and Drinks Banned In the United States .

Bar Refaeli doing something in lingerie.

Just Go Read This  – I was already to talk about something else but then read this by Alex over at the Packers Lounge:  Jarrett Bush Made Me Cry . I will fully admit to piling on Jarrett Bush year after year, play after play…I will also admit to cheering him on this season as he’s seemed to assert himself in his primary role as a special teamer. Here’s a player that it would seem actually listened to the criticism (founded or not) and let it drive, him not in a bad, screw you way but rather in a good, I’m gonna get better way.  So Jarrett Bush, sorry about all the times I have cursed your name on too many occasions to count.  Thank you that no matter what we have said you still think we’re the best fans, deserving of that title or not at times.

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