I’ve got nothing… I have been pondering how to introduce today’s game since late Saturday night (no sleep), but I am stuck at an utter standstill. Do I attempt humor, snark? Try to be dramatic? Call on Women’s Health again? 

It is for naught, because there truly is no way to illustrate the magnitude of the Green Bay Packers facing the Chicago Bears for the right to not only the George Halas Trophy but a trip to Dallas and Superbowl XLV as well. It is impossible, in words, to describe the medley of emotions hovering over Packer Nation at this moment. Sometimes, though, silence says more than words ever could.

Ajreaper : “Packers vs. Bears for the NFC title- If you know anything about football, you know how special of a game this is.”

Lovie Smith : “This is the only way it should be, Bears and Packers, to go to the Superbowl.”

It is time.

Pregame News and Notes:

Everyone gets “jacked up” in their own way…

PackerRanter : “Good morning, everyone. Let’s get after it today. Turn this up: http://youtu.be/ZxsEupiOSUg

OlbagofDonuts : “If this doesn’t pump you up, frankly, I don’t know what to tell ya… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV0wPBYDQ6Y

…Todd Rundgren Banging the Drum All Day or The Ecstasy of [Green and] Gold by Ennio Morricone? I’ll have a little of both, thank you. ;)

And the weather? Field conditions?

ProFootballTalk : “Soldier field is a “mess” http://wp.me/p14QSB-rv1

tippet523 : “I am 18 miles north of Soldier Field and 1/4 mile off the Lake. It is 24 degrees and almost no wind at all. Perfect for A Rod”

BradBiggs : “You can’t ask for a better weather day in late January here … perfect for football.”

jasonjwilde : “Not sure how the field is going to affect it, but the Packers’ passing game should be loving this weather. Sunny, very little wind, no snow.”

wallypingel : “Some early warmups for the #Packers http://twitpic.com/3srmb1

Snow, wind, cold weather —> Aaron Rodgers : ” God blessed me with some big hands

And 6.2 million people are now dumber for having read this…

aplusk (Ashton Kutcher): “This just in dogs are no longer mans best friend. They’ve been replaced by BEARS!”

And injuries?

AdamSchefter : “Bears S Chris Harris, who missed practice time last week with a hip injury, is active.”

ESPNChiBears : “Other Bears’ inactives: Caleb Hanie (3rd QB), Steltz, Joshua Moore, Bell, Herman Johnson, Edwin Williams, Marcus Harrison.”

[ Note : Obviously Caleb Hanie was active]

packers : “Packers’ inactives: Harrell (3rd QB), P. Lee, Nance, Gordy, Zombo, Dietrich-Smith, McDonald and Wynn. Walden starts for Zombo.”

And a few more interesting reads, bits and pieces…

*** AdamSchefter : “With a win Sunday, Aaron Rodgers can win as many road playofff games as Brett Favre did in his career. http://es.pn/eWQVyb “***

MaxGinsberg : “New on PPGJ: What Could Be Better Than Packers vs. Bears For The NFC Championship http://dlvr.it/Dwr4V

TundraVision : “New on Tundra Vision Game Day Over/Unders (Really) http://bit.ly/gBhTFb

Jerseyalgbp : “New from Jersey Al: Our Packers – Bears Predictions: The writing crew at AllGreenBayPackers.com put their progno… http://bit.ly/exiNmf

Awesome —> PackFanatic1 : “GO PACKERS! Spray painted on front yard. We are ready! http://twitpic.com/3sqnsx

Forgive me, Packer fans…

bearsbuzztap : “Bleacher Report >> NFC Championship Game “Pre-Review”: Chicago Bears Vs. Green Bay Packers http://buzztap.com/-t0IZ4O

bearshq “Gameday Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers http://bit.ly/hcGe5W

BearsHQ : “Bears Fight Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zr9XtOLTD4&feature=youtube_gdata_player

BearsGab : “Enough with the talk: Bears-Packers gameday is here: Halas: “There’s no way you’re walkin’ outta here with my tr… http://bit.ly/guucvF


…I feel dirty. Please email me at TimeToGoBatheInBleach@gmail.com  if anyone knows a foolproof plan for ridding the smell of skunk.

Who wins?

Frank Caliendo : “Green Bay”


Jimmy Johnson : “Green Bay”


Michael Strahan : “Green Bay”


Howie Long : “Green Bay”


Terry Bradshaw : “Chicago”

Our own Mr. Nagler?

Aaron_Nagler : “The Packers are the better team. They win today. Then face the Steelers in the Super Bowl.”

And who are today’s broadcasters?

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

jsutlookin : “%$#*&^%^$%#@”

Ear muffs.

Enough, time to do this dance.

1st Quarter

15:00 Green Bay set to recieve.

PackerHQ : “What we eat what we eat ? BEAR MEAT BEAR MEAT ! How do we like it ! RAW RAW RAW ! FIRE UP PACKER NATION !”

BearsGab : “Bear down, Chicago BEARS …”

Mutual disdain.

Chito260 : “Win the Halas go to Dallas - GoPackGo!!”

14:51 Starks slips his way to the 16.

jrehor : “I’ve waited my entire life for this game. Ultimate bragging rites & a trip to the Super Bowl at stake. Packers, lets do this.”

PackFan52 : “Here goes one for the history books”

Out trots Aaron Rodgers immersed in whispers of “He’ll never be Brett Favre” and carrying the hopes of Packer Nation. 

14:46 1st and 10, Rodgers takes a shot to the sidelines, JENNINGS for a smooth 21 yards!

Joe Buck : “Rodgers picking up right where he left off.”

BrentFavre : “Anyone know what time the Vikings play today?”

Back to irrelevance.

14:09 1st and 10 at the 37…21 yards on play #1, 26 yards on play #2! Down to the Chicago 36 yard line. Play action to Greg Jennings works beautifully.

Troy Aikman : “Heck of a start here.”

Joe Buck : “So much for poor starting field position.”

13:38 1st and 10 at the Chicago 36, and Starks runs through (literally) Lance Briggs and gains 6.

Aaron_Nagler : “Classic Cover 2 busters on those first two plays – then Starks just demolished Briggs.”

SteveHalton : “What a drive! I’m going nuts!!”

12:56 At the 31 yard line. Rodgers shakes a cub, looking…STARKS for 8 and a 1st down.

jsutlookin : “Wow….unstoppable right now.”

***Rodgers completing 78% of his passes thus far this postseason***

12:26 1st and 10 just outside the redzone. Play action, Jordy Nelson a la Aaron Rodgers down to the 2 yard line and 22 yards!

The ball hasn’t hit the ground yet.

iLoveARodgers12 : “JORDYY!!!!!!”

BLFavreGirl4 : “Chicago, you’re looking at a real QB.”

11:14 1st and goal at the 2, nothing.

***James Starks does not have a touchdown this season***

11:02 2nd and goal, Raji (FREEZER!) in the backfield. Give to Kuhn, FAKE…Rodgers scrambles left, DIVES, TOUCHDOWN!!

Chezhdchick : “YEESSSSSSSS. Aaron Rodgers. The Crowd Silencer! GO PACK GO”

tippet523 : “I called that last week”

RahimT12 : “He did folks. Man’s been calling for the Raji-set bootleg all week”

crichar3 : “Tremendous call going for the bootleg. Nice job, MM!”

***Rodgers: 4/4, 76 passing yards, rushing TD***

And the celebration? Rodgers looks a bit hazy…

PackersLive : “A wounded belt”

jasonjwilde : “Rodgers beats Manning to the left pylon for 1-yard TD to cap seven-play, 84-yard, 4:10 drive. Packers 7, Bears 0. Wow.”

Key word, wow.

7-0 Green Bay leads

SommerMatt : “Like a hot knife through butter” seems to describe that possession pretty well. Let’s hope our “D” can do a better job.”

howiemag : “No, Packers fans, it won’t be quite that easy all day.”

Clifton looks injured, what happened?

CBSSportsNFL : “Sounds like Chad Clifton took a knee to the helmet from his teammate John Kuhn.”

crichar3 : “Of course, there has to be a dark cloud behind that fine opening drive. Clifton has been playing great–can’t lose him now.”


10:50 Kellen Davis to the 36.

TheBears85 : “Please Jay… Be the talented Jay, not bad Jay. Be big play Jay!”


10:45 Cutler under center, Desmond Bishop drops Forte for a mere 2. 2nd and 8 at the 39.

PackFansince89 : “Desmond Bishop doesn’t turn on the shower, he just stares at it until it cries.”

He what?

PackFanSince89 : “When Desmond Bishop goes hunting, he shoots himself in the leg and gives the bear a head start”

But seriously…

PackFanSince89 : “The last man who made eye contact with Desmond Bishop was Ray Charles.”

10:03 1st down at the 38. Cutler fakes the handoff, drops it off to Matt Forte for 24 yards.

9:30-8:00 1st down, Forte runs for 2. 2nd down, Forte catches for 2. 3rd down, Cutler…AH…overthrows a wide open Hester for 0! 4th down.

Joe Buck : “Cutler’s bent over with his head down saying ‘I just missed an opportunity.’” 

gbpf127 : “Cutler. Right on the mark. Bwahahaha”

theandyman : “Lucky that throw was off…Pep got turned around and Hester was wide open…bend not break”

Aaron_Nagler “Peprah dodged on there. Cutler overthrew Hester for a sure TD”

Robbie Gould from 53 yards or Brad Maynard? Maynard.


7:53 Green Bay to make buffet trip #2 from the 12 yard line.

Too cocky, that’s enough Rich!

Aaron_Nagler : “If the Packers go up by 14, Dom Capers will open up all sorts of wicked blitzes for Cutler to try and figure out.”


Why yes, Chevy, Tim Allen’s voice does make me want to buy a 2011 Silverado…

***TJ Lang steps in at left tackle for Chad Clifton***

Uh oh. 

***Week 17, Peppers: No sack, no hurries***

jasonjwilde : “Clifton has a neck stinger, his return is questionable, is the official word.”

7:49 1st and 10 at the 28 yard line, in the gun. WOAH, Starks shreds the middle for 16 yards on the draw. You coulda driven a…2011 Chevy Silverado through that gap! Brilliant how Mike McCarthy chooses to depict pass then run directly behind Lang. Beautiful, man.

jsutlookin : “Crazy legs Starks FTW”

7:08 Rodgers-James Jones for 10, up to the 38.

jimrome : “Aaron Rodgers is ballin like he’s in wranglers in the parking lot…”

richeisen : “So that answers the question as to whether Rodgers can start just as hot as he’s been in the playoffs.”


6:00-5:00 Incomplete to Jennings, incomplete to Jordy, incomplete to Kuhn. Peppers worked Lang on all three downs.

Troy Aikman : “Peppers at least letting Rodgers know he’s there”

tundravision : “get the feeling that the hit by Peppers has gotten into Rodgers’ head. He’s rushing things a bit, out of his game.”

Tim Masthay on for the first time since the Eagles’ game.

EricStangel : “I had no idea the Packers had a punter…”


FoundInIdaho : “There’s Tim Masthay bringing it!”

Baboons : ” Tom Masthay with another beauty.”


Baboons : “Tim…..”


Get to know him; I think this one might stick.

4:53 Hester backs up his 17.1 punt return average by slicing through Green Bay for 3 whole yards. Chicago to start at their own 17.

4:30-3:45 1st and 2nd down add up to 4 total yards for Chicago.

3:53 3rd and 6 at the 21. Time to end this drive before it beg…Cullen Jenkins and Clay Matthews with the SACK!  

MallandroCRVG : “Jay Cutler sacked. In other news, the Sun is hot.”

h_t84 : “Gotta love CMIII and Jenkins meeting on top of Cutler.”

PackerRanter : “Here’s an Etrade tip. If you have Bears stock, sell, sell, sell!”


2:48 Tramon for 11 yards to the 50.


MaxGinsberg : “My dad DVR’d all the late games this season and waited until the next morning to watch. If we lost, he didn’t even bother.”

I do the same. If Snookie or JWOWW’s fighting, I’m watching.

2:42 Rodgers with plenty of time on 1st down, finds Jennings for 21.

Greenandgold19 : “Rodgers had happy feet, but he hung in the pocket in that pass to Jennings”

***4th pass play of 20+ yards***

WhitlockJason : “Favre would be up 21-0 right now given Green Bay field position!….. 4,3,2,1…b4 Packerlites meltdown:-)”

Luckily we understand sarcasm or we would go all Chicago-Bears-fan on your a…

2:08 1st and 10 and the Chi 30, Starks adds 3. Hey Urlacher is playing today.

1:38 Starks, 3 more.

0:56 3rd and 7, on the verge of field goal range. Rodgers sacked…Urlacher.

(Foot in mouth)

PackersTherapy : “Major demerit on Rodgers in taking that sack. Might have cost them 3 points.

TimCowlishaw : “3rd-down Sack by Urlacher…a game-changer or a temporary stay?”

jasonjwilde :  “Rodgers getting some criticism from the folks in the press box including Les Bowen for taking that sack on third-and-7.”


0:27 TIMOTHY MASTHAY pins ‘em at the 1! What a diving save by Bush. Slowly (begrudgingly), Jarret Bush is quelling my disdain for him as a Green Bay Packer.

jrehor : “I heart Jarrett Bush??”

0:28 Forte gains 2, end of quarter 1.

BearsFansUnited : “Well Packer fans, considering the Bears came out and sucked totally, kinda shocked you only up 7…”

No disagreement there.

2nd Quarter

jsutlookin : “Chicago Code…in my line of work a code means you need resuscitating. Can we have a Chicago Bear code please.”

15:00 2nd and 8 at the 4 yard line. Cutler SAC…No…a Tebow-esque awkward jump pass. Incomplete, but the 4-man rush sans-blitz was all up in Cutler’s business.

GBPackers_Diva : “SACK him next time!!”

BlaqShady : “Dom is calling a great game, bears are bracing for a blitz that isn’t coming.”


14:55 3rd and 8, JENKINS swallows Forte for a loss of 2! 4th down from the half-yard line. Good luck Maynard.

Dameshek  (NFL.com’s Dave Dameshek): “Am I loco or does this game feel over already? CHI’s gonna struggle to score. Matter of time ’til Rodgers put the Bears away…”

SigmundBloom : “The Bears look like a team that didn’t have the will, boldness, or ability to hang in anything but low-scoring conservative game today.”

It’s only a 7 point game.


14:32 Tramon MUFFS the punt! Ah, regains his footing to bring Green Bay down to the Chicago 45 yard line.

kareemcopeland : “Huge series for the Packers. Ball at midfield. Chance to go up 14-0.”

jasonjwilde : “T.J. Lang remains at left tackle, gang. I won’t Tweet about Clifton again unless we have an update or he returns to the game.”

packernation : “Packers score here, Bears are forced to lean on passing game more.”

14:06 1st and 15 thanks to Quinn Johnson. Starks wayyy outside for gain of 3, 2nd and 12.

Joe Buck: “It’s so loud in here you can’t hear the whistle”

Props to Bears’ fans, I guess.

13:11 2nd and 12…WHAT CHOPPY FIELD TURF!?…Jackson shake & bakes Urlacher after the pass from Rodgers, jukes ahead for 13 down to the 31.

greenandgold19 : “Juke…see ya!”

Aaron_Nagler : “Jackson got a chip, caught the ball, and faked Urlacher out of his jock. Not too shabby.”

Joe Buck : “Looks like Urlacher just slipped.”

KCousineau09 : “I’m sorry Joe Buck, but Urlacher didn’t slip at all. Dude got worked by BJax. Idiot.”

cavittation : ” Aaron_Nagler Make sure to punch Joe Buck in the n*** should you be lucky enough to see him…oh, and do us all a favor and unplug his mic.”

Annie (jsutlookin) would be proud.

12:38 Joe Buck : “Heres Starks with room to move…And James Starks and this running game continues their good start. 13 yards for the rookie from Buffalo.”

Aaron_Nagler : “OH MY GOD HE’S TERRIBLE!”

Right on cue. ;)

iLoveARodgers12 : “Freak!!!!”

11:48 1st and 10 from the 16. Jordy! Thank you for 13.

SommerMatt : “Call the police– there’s a sniper in Soldier Field, and his name is Aaron Rodgers.”

11:13 1st and goal from the 3 yard line…STARKS…REACHING…GOAL LINE…TOUCHDOWN!

RahimT12 : “Longer levered individual.”

AshuSiralis : “James Starks. This. Guy. Is. Good.”

*** jrehor : “TOUCHDOWN NEO! Congrats on your first NFL TD James Starks”***


wingoz : “14-0.. and the bears have officially gone kenny loggins and entered the ‘Highway to the Danger Zone’”

“Out along the edges, always where I burn to be. The further on the edge, the hotter the intensity!”

jasonjwilde : “Starks scores from 4 yards out and it’s 14-0 Packers. While I saw a 14-0 lead disappear in 4th-and-26, I don’t see a replay of that one.”

14-0 Green Bay extends the lead. Long ways to go yet…

LucasRichmond44 : “With our “D” this could get ugly! Here comes Capers Blitz!!”


11:00 Chicago to begin at the 34

Joe Buck : “The Chicago sideline has got to figure something out and put a drive together.”

Dameshek :  “Hey, Bears fans at Soldier Field: don’t let the day be a complete waste. The world-class Shedd Aquarium is just a short walk away.”

10:54 Johnny Knox seperates and scoots for 24.

10:33 1st and 10 at the Green Bay 42, Cutler misfires to Hester, again.

kareemcopeland : “Cutler is, um, off today… Misses another open receiver.”

10:21 Chester Taylor-completion and run of 10 yards. Down to the Green Bay 32. Woodson nearly forced a fumble. C’mon ref, swallow the whistle eh?

TundraVision : “Line judge seems to be a little whistle-happy calling that ball down. Kept thinking of Rose in Titanic.”

9:44 Cutler starting a trend, another overthrow to Hester.

TomPelissero : Biggest lead Packers blew in a loss this season was 10, twice. One of those was at Chicago, way back on Sept. 27. Big hole for Bears.


*** BrianCarriveau : Running back comparison: Starks with 9 carries for 45 yards, 5.0 ypc; Forte with 6 carries for 13 yards, 2.2 ypc.***

8:05 3rd and 13 from the Green Bay 32. Cutler scrambling again! …slides quietly to a knee for no gain.

PackFan52 : “HAHAHAHA!”

Love Smith passing on a 49-yard fieldgoal try. Gould thrilled.


7:45 11 yard net and Green Bay to begin at their own 21.

Aaron_Nagler : “Much like Week 17, Packers outplaying the Bears on Special Teams”

Can it be…Good God, that’s Chad Clifton’s music!

packers : “Clifton is back in the game.”

7:32 Starks for 11 yards on 1st down to the 31.

jrehor : “I heart James Starks”

Troy Aikman : “If the Bears are going to turn momentum, the defense is going to HAVE to create some type of takeway.”

6:50 Rodgers back topass, TAKES OFF down the left sideline for 25 yards! Mike Vick! Randall Cunningham! Steve Young!

PackersTherapy : “Wow – Rodgers can motor. Yikes!”

Joe Buck : “Let’s go down to the field and Pam Oliver…Um, having trouble with our wireless microphones.”

thesportsgeeks : “By ‘technical difficulties’ they mean ‘Pam Oliver froze to death.’”


4:48 3rd and 1 at the Chicago 37…

***Neither team has converted a 3rd down conversion yet today***

Joe Buck : “Can they stop Aaron Rodgers?”

PackersLive : “Jumbo, jumbo”

fedesanm : “GO Packers GO Packers GO Packers GO Packers GO Packers GO Packers GO Packers GO Packers GO Packers GO Packers!”

…Briggs slams Starks to the turf behind the line. 4th down. Weak.


4:38 Masthay drops it down at the 11 yard line.

4:06 2 incompletions, and it’s 3rd down. Cutler whacked, but defensive holding…1st down at the 16.

Aaron_Nagler : “Cutler is officially throwing things up for the hell of it.”

3:58 Cutler hit AGAIN, CLAY MATTHEWS!  Near interception but incomplete.

foundinidaho : “Wow, Cutler’s bleeding.”

Body language.

PackerRanter : “Kleenex now perfecting their pitch for Cutler as spokesperson. In the bag.”

TundraVision : “Cutler: ‘Wait! They hit me really hard in the end zone too! Can I have a flag for that too? Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh!’”

3:48 Forte picks up 13 on 2nd and 10 from the 20. The crowd affirms, “we’re still here”

TundraVision : “Bears lulled the Packers D to sleep by not running the ball. Won’t happen again.”


2:00 Warning

gbpf127 : “2 minute warning. Time for a beer and bathroom break.”

1:52 3rd and 7 from the 33. Cutler back to pass..SAMMY SHIELDS! SACK! FUMBLE! JUMP ON IT! Forte falls on the football but Bears forced to punt.

Dom, we salute you.

foundinidaho : “Dom Capers for President!”

MattBowen41 : “Fair to say that Capers is outcoaching Martz”

Aaron_Nagler : “Yep.”


1:44 Green Bay to start at their own 36, plenty of time.

1:38 Up to the Green Bay 48

No smiles, all business.

BlaqShady : “we need points here. kill their spirit.”


1:00 Down to the Chicago 43

Aaron_Nagler : “Nothing stupid now – do NOT help the Bears get back in the game.”

0:48 Interception. Ball bounces off the foot of Donald Driver and Briggs picks off the deflection.

Aaron_Nagler : “You have got to be kidding me.”

olbagofdonuts : “Don’t tell me the bears aren’t lucky. Don’t.”

***1st INT for Rodgers in 119 postseason pass atempts***

0:42 Forte takes a short pass and gains 17.

Chicago is going to get points here…

foundinidaho : “Let’s get a pick 6″

Spoken matter of factly.

0:28 1st and 10 from the Green Bay 45. Cutler has Knox deeeeep…SAM SHILEDS INTERCEPTION! Full extension, beautiful catch!


AshuSiralis : “Remember what Strahan said? You hit Cutler, and he starts throwing it around like loafs of bread in the hood.”

baboons : “Driver owes Sammy Shields a beer!”


michaeldavidsen : “What an athlete.”

Midwestfan : “Sammy Shields > Sammy Davis Jr”

olbagofdonuts : “I cannot think of any remaining mechanisms by which the Bears can get lucky. Fortunately, they have Jay Cutler. (GB)”

jasonjwilde : “A HUGE INT by Sam Shields, going up to take away Cutler’s deep ball to Knox. Play being reviewed, but WOW. Huge play. Huge.”

…Booth review…

Joe buck : “It looks incomplete”

That’s one.

Mike Pereria : “I think it will be overturned, incomplete pass.”

That’s two.

Call stands. Nice job fellas.

0:30 Cutler heading to the lockeroom…Really…

olbagofdonuts : “Cutlers going in early. His feelings are hurt.”

0:23 Rodgers takes a knee…

BearsFansUnited : “Can someone punch Mike Martz in the face at halftime? Take what the defense gives and quit trying to HAVE IT YOUR WAY. This is the NFL, not Burger King


Jon Bonjovi : “We’re half way there!”

jaymelee1 : “One down, one to go! Let’s do this!”

PackerHQ : Don’t let up…more gas GB . Finish the job and on to Dallas ! Go Pack Go !

jrehor : “30 minutes to destiny”

Espn_Nfcnblog : “Packers are 30 minutes from the Super Bowl – http://es.pn/iiXJ6R

jasonjwilde : “Terry McAulay makes it official: That is the end of the first half. packers are 30 minutes from SBXLV.”


“Expert” analysis…

TimCowlishaw : “Bears get ball to start 2nd half. Not sure what relevance of that is. Can’t put plays together. Packers more dominant than score”

Michael Strahan : “When Rodgers takes off so effortlessly, it’s just demoralizing for the Chicago defensive line.”

Howie Long : “Cullen Jenkins adds versatility to an already deadly defense.”

LeBatardShow : “Terry bradshaw’s expert analysis of what he just saw: somebody needs to tell the bears this isn’t a preseason game.”


H0w are we feeling?

jameshritz : “Nervous?”

Aaron_Nagler : “Yes.”

htphelps : “Still have nerves about this game. So much time left.”

RahimT12 : “Cannot let Chicago hang around. Need to convert these 1st downs and yards into points. Sweet, glorious, sexy points.”

Bears’ fans?

BearsFansUnited : “The Bears have played like absolute crap, and are only down 14. We get the ball back in 2nd half so lets see.”

TheBears85 : “Somewhere Josh McDaniels is smirking.”

BearsFansUnited : “Absolute crap… And don’t worry Chicago Bears fans, Lovie Smith WILL get a contract extension.”

And because I couldn’t help myself…

EricStangel (Late Show writer): “BREAKING: Bears calling Bengals to see if they can get Carson Palmer to Chicago to start 2nd half…”

3rd Quarter


In an attempt to save everyone most of their afternoon and from re-living a Vikings’ brand of football, I will attempt sum up the 3rd quarter in as few words as possible.


Brian Urlacher interception.

brove : “f—”

Aaron Rodgers game-saving tackle.

Sternhe : “Ugh…”

Aaron_Nagler : “Favre-esque”

Jay Cutler out.

Poppa_Falcon : “No Cutler, No chance.”

Todd Collins in.

RahimT12 : “Defense is willing this team. And Todd Collins.”


Todd Collins out.


Caleb Hanie in

theandyman : “3rd QB? Oh my…”

PSD_1 : “Maybe the Bears can put in Sid Luckman.”


Jay Cutler (by rule) out for good.

BearsFansUnited : “I will never forgive Lovie Smith for this.”

Jay Cutler i-Pod in.

becklynn : “Wow Cutler is such a little b-….no team spirit, poor sportsmanship.”

TheBears85 : “Now our offense is officially the worst in the league. Every part of our offense is just terrible.”

Tar and feathers on hand.


CaliBEARSchica : “Heart broken”


Or, to describe the 3rd quarter in simpler terms…

RahimT12 : “WTF”


4th Quarter

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

15:00 Chicago at the Green Bay 44, Hanie finds Forte for 10 and a 1st down.

jrehor : “Hanging around” my least favorite phrase when talking about Packers opponents this year”

Lions, Redskins, Eagles, Bears, oh my.


Comic relief, a must…

ericstangel : “Jay Cutler’s return to the game is Questionable. Chance of his car getting torched in the parking lot? Certain”

And the Jay Cutler bash-fest begins…

RossTuckerNFL : “I’ve hurt my knee playing football 4 times. Never once did I then stand up on sidelines afterwards.”

14:32 Hanie back to throw, scrambles right and slammed down after 2 yards by AJ Hawk.

13:40 2nd and 8 at the 43, Forte picks up 11.

13:15 1st and 10 at the Gren Bay 32. Chester Taylor abused by CLAY MATTHEWS, loss of 4.

BrianCarriveau : “The Packers defense has shown they can hold up their end of the bargain.”

kareemcopeland : “Matthews just pushed Webb 3 yards into the backfield to make the tackle on Taylor. Beasted him.”


12:02 Claeb Hanie (WHO?!) throws and completes to Johnny Knox! 30 yard gain…1st and goal at the 1.

EricStangel : “BREAKING: Caleb Hanie is dating Kim Kardashian…”

olbagofdonuts : “Uh-oh….Uh-oh…”

RAYROBERT9 : “I’m starting to feel a little sick”

11:58 Touchdown Chester Taylor.

mitchnelles : “Yep. Now getting really sick…”

htphelps : “Lack of Packers killshot is giving me agita.”

Agita , also known as heartburn pyrosis or acid indigestion …A burning sensation in the chest, just behind the breastbone or in the epigastrium”

Pass the tums.

jasonjwilde : “Taylor scores from a yard out after Hanie’s 32-yard completion to Knox. It’s 14-7 Packers. The drive: 8/67/3:55″

14-7 Chicago isn’t going anywhere.

PackFan52 : “Packers offense needs to take control ASAP”

Aaron_Nagler : “OK people – no, it should not be this close. But it is. Buckle up.”


11:55 Green Bay to start at the 24 yard line.

11:48 1st down, Starks gets nowhere. Charles Tillman. Brian Urlacher.

Troy Aikman : “All of a sudden the Bears are back in this game, the crowds back in this game, and all pressure is right back on the Packers.”

iLoveARodgers12 : “WAKE UP PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE GAME IS NOT OVER!!!!!”

11:08 2nd and 10. Rodgers floats one deep…Oh my God…Julius Peppers…Head lowered…Helmet to helmet…Rodgers bleeding, shaken up…Incomplete pass.

ProFootballTalk : “Amazing Aaron Rodgers got up after that one.”


PackersLounge : “F- you Peppers.”

Joe Buck : “He came completely free and led with the crown of his helmet.”

Peppers unhappy about the 15-yard “roughing the pass” penalty.

jasonjwilde : “Earth to Julius Peppers: WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT?”

Rodgers’ tongue and chin-strap bloodied.

JustinDiBo : “Holy. Sh-.”

Chezhdchick : “Say hello to a big a- fine, you piece of sh-.”

Troy Aikman : “That is absolutely the right call.”

Finally, we agree.

11:03 1st and 10 at the 39 after the penatly. Nope, false start against Green Bay. Nope, defensive pass interference against Tim Jennings.


hellooooonewman : “George is getting upset!”

10:57 1st and 10 at the 50, Peppers coming again and Rodgers dumps it off to Kuhn for 6 yards.

10:37 Starks for 2 yards on 1st down. 2 more yards on 2nd down.

Joe Buck : “Here we go, 3rd and 2…”

kareemcopeland : “Big third down…”

9:38 Rodgers in the gun, quick throw and GAH! …through he hands of Quarless. 4th down.

LoriNickel : “12 nothing to say to 81 this time but not happy”


9:21 Touchback but Masthay-Bush nearly struck again.

kareemcopeland : “Bush almost does it again. But lost where he was and went into the end zone. Didn’t reestablish himself.”

TundraVision : “Time, once again, to turn it over to our defense to pull the game out for us. Darn it, offense.”

foundinidaho : “Okay D, you dial it in.”

Please, I beg you.

9:19 1st and 10 at the 20. Hanie gives to Forte for no gain, and woah Aj Hawk shows an incredible motor to stretch that play out.

8:43 Raji with a NEAR sack, incomplete pass.

***Chi 0/8 on 3rd down today***

8:29 Shields forces Hanie to throw it away, 4th down.

jsutlookin : “Hanie my hiney! Let’s put this game away”

BamaCheesehead : “Bears with dance step …1, 2, 3, Kick!”


8:22 Horrible punt (24 yards) and Rodgers back for more starting at the 45.

kareemcopeland : “Packers HAVE to take advantage of the short field right now. That’s what championship teams do, at least…”

geogn4t : “I’m freaking out over here”

RahimT12 “Please God, please please please please let the Packers win this game…”

8:16 Incomplete to Quarless. What about the “BEST” players?!

8:08 Jennings gains 9 on 2nd down.

7:31 3rd and 1. Rodgers pressured and incomplete! Masthay on to punt, again.

baboons : “Oh my good lord.”


foundinidaho : “So glad we have TimMasthay .”

7:21 Chicago to start at the 10 yard line after another excellent punt by Masthay. Caleb Hanie at the helm.

GusRamsey : “I’m checking with the Elias Sports Bureau, but pretty sure no QB named Caleb has ever won an NFC title game”

sportsguy33 (Bill Simmons): “I don’t even care about my Packers pick – rooting 100% for the Bears. This would be one of the great playoff wins ever. You kidding me??? In 5 minutes, Packer fans go from making Super Bowl plans to bracing for the 33% possibility of a pantheon-level choke job.”

7:22 1st and 10, Forte dropped after 2 yards.


6:15 Hanie with a dump off to Earl Bennet for 3 yards. 3rd and 5 from their own 15.

jrehor : “Not a good sign-not sitting anymore. Standing now, close to shaking”

6:05 Hanie takes the snap, back to pass, looking left…Make a play…make a play…make a play!

Chezhdchick : “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!”


olbagofdonuts : “AHHHHHHHH! $%&#@*&% !!!!”


Cotey : “B.J. Raji! I knew he’d come up with a game-clinching INT return for TD. I just KNEW IT!”


EricStangel : “BREAKING: Kim Kardashian has broken up with Caleb Hanie”

Joe Buck : “What’s he even doing in that positon to make the interception? What a call by Com Capers!”

Tippet523 : “Dagger! Dagger! Dagger! Dagger! Dagger!”

Knock on wood! Garlic necklace! Rabbits foot!

wingoz : “And the 0-10 on 3rd down.. comes complete with a 340 lb touchdown”

Troy Aikman : “Raji channeling Aaron Rodgers with the belt celebration”

PackNic : “That is one big ass belt.”

And that dance?

willbrinson : “And here’s your BJ Raji Touchdown dance celebration GIF: http://bit.ly/eRLyjF

RahimT12 : “Teach Me How To Raji http://bit.ly/eSQkur


jennifersterger : “U know what I love more than seeing a big man TD run? A big man TD dance!”

Jen Sterger is a Packer fan? ………..

jemelehill : “Dear Caleb Hanie: You might be young, but you’re ready — Signed Pick 6″

McClain_on_NFL : “Dom Capers has a lot of guts dropping a 350-pound nose tackle into coverage, but it worked. Congrats to B.J. Raji. Wow!”

jasonjwilde : “Guess I can admit now that I booked my flight to Dallas on AirTran in the second quarter.”

Uh oh.

*** espn_nfcnblog : “Elias: B.J. Raji (337 lbs.) biggest player to score a postseason TD in NFL history. Eclipses William Perry, who was listed at 318.”***

21-7 Green Bay!


5:58 Chicago to start at the 27

81 seconds.

RahimT12 : “WTF just happened?”

Earl Bennet-Caleb Hanie. Touchdown Chicago.

Dang it Wilde!

EricStangel : “BREAKING: Kim Kardashian willing to try to work things out with Caleb Hanie…”

21-14 Plenty of time left.

crichar3 : “Game’s not over fellas…not by a long shot. Disappointed with the flaccid showing by the defense on that drive.”


jasonjwilde : “Woodson back on that kickoff return. Packers up 21-14 with 4:38 to play. First-and-10 at Green Bay 25.”

4:41 1st down, nothing

4:08 2nd down, nothing

3:36 3rd down, nothing.


2:53 Masthay saves the defense again, 56 yard punt and only 9 yards on the return.

baboons : “Seriously, without Masthay we’d be screwed already.”


JermichaelF88 : “Let’s gooooo!!!”

jasonjwilde : “That was a whale of a punt by Masthay. Packers 2:53 from SBXLV.”

2:48 1st and 10 from the 29 yard line, incomplete pass.

2:49 2nd and 10, Forte picks up 1.

2:38 3rd and 9 at the 30 yard line. Hanie throws…Greg Olsen for 10 yards!

2:33 Hanie flushed, incomplete! Intentiona grounding called. 2nd and 20 at the 30.

Troy Aikman : “I don’t know about that call.”

SI_PeterKing : “That grounding call is correct.”

Thank you, Peter.

2:08 Forte-Hanie for 10 on 2nd down. Forte gains more 9 on 3rd down. 4th and 1 from the 49.

jasonjwilde : “Forte is short on third-and-9. We’ll have fourth-and-1 upcoming at CHI49 with 1:54 left after 2-minute warning.”

jrehor :  “Biggest play of the season here. Capers: there’s a reason you’re the best-time to prove it right here.”

1:52 Matt Forte dives ahead, 1st down.

greenandgold19 : “As Blutarsky would say, ‘My advice is to start drinking heavily.’”

At the Green Bay 48

Soldier Field back to life.

1:31 Screen play to Forte, 12 yard gain.

At the Green Bay 35

jrehor : “Tick…tock…”

1:21 1st down, Hanie throws it away.

1:15 Greg Olsen for 7 yards on 2nd down.

At the Green Bay 28.

1:09 3rd and 3. Martz calls an end around to Earl Bennett, loss of 2 yards! Desmond Bishop still playing his heart out.

Packfansince89 : “Waldo’s only concern in life is, Where’s Desmond Bishop”

theandyman : “tick tick tick…”

0:47 4th down and 4 yards to go. On to Dallas or back to Green Bay. What might be, or what might have been. Hanie back, looking, OVER THE MIDDLE…

Larry McCaren : “YESSSSSSSSS!”


EricStangel : “BREAKING: Kim Kardashian breaks up with Caleb Hanie for good, now dating Sam Shields…”

0:35 Victory Formation.

Aaron_Nagler : “Dallas. Texas. Super Bowl.”

KCousineau09 : “Tears in my eyes. For real”



h_t84 : “I’m actually crying alone in my living room. :) That was intense!”

Let it rain.

tippet523 : “I had a little Premature Edaggerlation but it worked out well.”

You’re forgiven. NFC Champions!


RyanGrant25 : Much love 2 ALL the family n fans who rode with us throughout the year..One more to go, time to bring the Lombardi back..thank you again!

NickBarnett : “This game is bigger then my feelings and my body of work.. It’s about ‘One Goal!’”

JermichaelF88 : “Blessed to be a part of the Green Bay Packers. Whether playing on the field or sideline watching I’m proud of my team”

cjwilson95 : “NFC Champs! Give all the glory and honor to God!! Headed to Dallas! Let’s go Pack! Thanking all my family, friends, & fans4support”



olbagofdonuts : “Good god almighty….I have no words…I have no words!”



PackerRanter : “Halas to Dallas.”

jrehor : “I am shaking”



RahimT12 : “I don’t have any jokes, I don’t have any sarcasm, I am beside myself with joy and I am going to relish every second of this”

foundinidaho : “THIS IS AMAZING”

PackerDrunk : “Don’t know if I’ve ever been this happy”

gbpf127 : “Pinch me.”


Aaron Rodgers : “I’m at a loss for words…”

21-14 Green Bay defeats Chicago

GPN_JR : “Halas trophy down. Lombardi trophy to go.”

Postgame Reaction:

Packers Lounge : “Quick Hits – NFC Championship: Packers 21 Bears 14 Watch the Packers NFL highlights. Watch the P… http://bit.ly/eCWPgG

AcmePackingCO : “Packers Game Ball: The Packers Are Going To The Super Bowl, Defeat Bears 21-14 http://sbn.to/fxTKVj

ESPN_NFCNBLOG : “Rapid Reaction: Packers 21, Bears 14 – http://es.pn/hTVT68

GreenBayBlog : “Recap of Sunday’s championship games plus a sendoff to Bears fans: http://tinyurl.com/4wj2rj9

BrentFavre : “Teach Me How To Raji T-shirt http://fb.me/EaZKP1jc

jrehor : “New on GPN: What We Learned Against the #Bears NFC Championship Edition http://bit.ly/eQ1ivV

New from Jersey Al : “Packers Game Balls and Lame Calls: NFC Champions Edition -On to Super Bowl XLV: Green Bay Pa… http://bit.ly/eRe0ED

From a classy (seriously) Bears’ fan…

bearshq : “Keep it Classy Bears Fans http://bit.ly/dH9JGL

Players, celebrities and fans celebrate as one…

RyanGrant25 : “Oh man I love these guys..they fight n persevere like NO other”

LifeAfterFavre : “7 pm Sunday night, Brooklyn. 15 euphoric, underdressed Cheeseheads on a snow-covered rear courtyard. Music, hugs, shouts, cigars”

Packers fans are worldwide.

Ashlynn_Brooke : “I’m so on top of the world right now. I’m pumped/nervous. Thank you so much, #packers , for continuing to be amazing!! Yay!!!!”

[Why yes, that is Green Bay Packers' fan Ashlynn Brooke, who will be sharing some quality fan perspective on PocketDoppler.com's Thursday Q & A this week <-- Wally Ed., that's actually next week ]

TheRopolitans : “Congratulations, Kenya! Enjoy your NFC Champion Chicago Bears shirts.”

Oof! Low blow. Too soon, man. ;)

Aaron_Nagler : “Ladies and gentleman, Daddy is drunk.”

Well deserved.

jaymelee1 : “Is it possible to be drunk on happiness?”


BradPaisley : “Congrats to @ AaronRodgers12 and all my new background singers from GB. ‘Cept I can’t afford you now.”

TheEllenShow : “I won the bet with @ Oprah . The Packers beat the Chicago Bears. I am the new owner of OWN!”

Still won’t watch.

RahimT12 : “I hope TT goes home tonight, gets drunk, calls up everyone that trashed him, and plays CeeLoGreen’s “F You” through the phone”

I think I may be on that list.

BrianCarriveau : “Donald Driver on Super Bowl: It hasn’t hit me yet. It will hit me in the next couple days…”

DatDudeDamon : “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH http://twitpic.com/3su30d

Hey Wally, how was the game?

wallypingel : “Best thing heard walking out today, at least the Bulls can beat the Bucks”

Fair trade.

And one final poke at #4…

*** sportspickle : Text Messages Brett Favre Received After the Packers Won the NFC Championship —> http://bit.ly/g989Ci ***

And lastly, three great videos…

Midwestfan : Live stream of Packers home coming: http://www.fox11online.com/generic/news/Live_Streaming

AaronBiderman : “This video has the NFCC dagger call if u missed it http://www.nfl.com/videos/green-bay-packers/09000d5d81de0461/Championship-Remix


Charles Woodson : “If Obama isn’t going to come see us, I guess we’ll have to go see him.” –  http://bit.ly/fPQuKS

I was 9 years old when the Green Bay Packers won Superbowl XXXI. Moments such as Reggie White raising his arms in elation, Desmond Howard’s smile and yes even Brett Favre streaking across the field with his helmet held high will forever be locked away among my fondest moments as a Packer fan. But 14 years later, it is finally time to add to the vault. This season has been magical to say the least, and I just want to say “thank you” to everyone: fans, bloggers, writers and reporters alike for making the ride so much fun and enjoyable. The passion found within Packer Nation is truly enchanting. 

On Februray 6th, 2011 Green Bay will battle the Pittsburgh Steelers for the Lombardi Trophy and title of “Superbowl XLV Champions.” In the words of Bart Scott, “Can’t wait!”

For fans of The Office, Michael Scott expresses my feelings better than words ever could. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlTxGpN7X04


Hey BigSnakeMan, where were you today? We missed your input.

FoundInIdaho : “Yeah, you totally bailed on us, dude.”

BigSnakeMan : “Watched the game elsewhere w/ friends. Wasn’t practical to ‘tweet’. Sorry.”

Lucky for you, thousands (more like 10′s) of people stepped up to help me out. ;) Thanks again everyone for all the help!



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  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    I don’t have the time to read this now–that will take some dedicated sit-down time to be able to relive that game (this time with fewer heart attack moments). Gotta say tho–being down here in The State of Ill….I *love* the Kenya/Bears Championship shirts crack!!
    GO PACK GO!!

  • foundinidaho

    My 18 year old, who likes Nevada sports but has never really cared about pro sports was screaming his heart out at the end along with the rest of the Packer bar in Boise. What a wonderful feeling.

    Get ready for the Super Bowl one Rich! :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/RichWardJr Rich Ward

    It’s impossible to recreate the moments/emotions or do the actual game justice, but thank you for reading! It’d be even worse without the awesome tweets and input from everyone.

    “What a wonderful feelings”

    Incredible feeling.

  • Rocket

    Another truly magical diary. I have goose bumps readin’ this Wardo….. Thanks fo rthe memories.

  • Chris

    Thanks for not making me look stupid. You should edit all my stuff!

  • Ceallaigh_hk

    Man, now I wish I would’ve been following along on twitter during the game instead of the self-imposed internet silence b/c I didn’t want to hurl on the computer.


    No Sleep til DALLAS!!!

  • http://www.pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMan

    Sorry I missed this; thanks for bringing me up to speed. Another fine job with one yet to go.

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