This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Had On Here Before.

A January Jones sort of morning.

Brian at CHTV on how Coach McCarthy is keeping his eye on the prize .

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From Miller Park Drunk, How members of the Brewers reacted to the Packers being in the Super Bowl .

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Ah yes,  Text Messages Brett Favre Received After the Packers Won the NFC Championship .

10 Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads , of which only one (The Tebow one I think) was actually aired.

Real or not, do not mess with:  10 Total Badasses from Film and TV .

This is pretty amazing, A brief history of hip hop as told through beatboxing .

What were these people thinking?  Dumbest Reviews Of Classic Movies .

Been at least a few weeks since we’ve had a Candice Swanepoel gallery, time to remedy that .

Say Cheese  – Quite the hub-bub yesterday once it was found out that the players on IR wouldn’t be in the Packers’ team Super Bowl photos.  On Twitter, Nick Barnett & Jermichael Finley were the most ‘vocal’ about the topic.  Fans too were rather upset with it, starting a ‘Twitition’ (petition on Twitter for you non-Tweeters) to get them in the photo.  I’m with Kyle Cousineau when he said “This team pic is for the guys going to the Super Bowl. Sad reality is those guys aren’t playing. Plain and simple.”  I get that they are still part of the team, but they aren’t part of the team on the field & like it or not due to the logistics of things being in the photo just isn’t going to work.  They all will get rings if the Packers win, they will all be there at the game.  Not being in one photo isn’t a sign of disrespect but rather only a perceived one by certain players and perhaps most importantly, if there was issue to be had it should have taken place behind closed doors & not out in front of 1000′s of people.

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