This season came to represent the unexpected – so many twists and turns; a rollercoaster type season ending in the ultimate opportunity. To honor that, a bit of a twist on today’s installment. While some would not find these men “Dreamy” to me, today, they are beautiful. Well done, gentlemen. (Also? Coach can be kinda hawt when he’s at playing weight, actually. Who knew?)

“This isn’t Detroit – this is the Super Bowl!!!!”

Bring that Lombardi Trophy home. It’s time.


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  • Anita

    Have mercy. LMAO!

  • Colleen

    I really did think McCarthy was handsome in that picture. Shocked me a bit. Raji has beautiful eyes, another surprise.

  • Kelly

    What is there not to love about BJ Raji. The guy has a babyface and does a mean fat man celebratory dance.

    Still wish he would have run one in for a TD just so we could say, “This one is for the Fridge 25 years ago!”

    Yeah, I know. Payback isn’t McCarthy’s style. But somewhere Ditka would have smiled and given him style points for the move.