This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Had On Here Before.

A Hilary Duff sort of morning.

The Daybreak Doppler will be a little shorter this morning as I put it together from my hotel room in Chicago before hitting the road back home.  That being said,we’ll start Monday off as we often do, with Brian’s Chips Report .

We have  Incoherent thoughts from an extremely happy fan  at Ol’ Bag of Donuts.

John at GPN as  What We Learned Against the Bears NFC Championship Edition .

CD from TundraVision hands out grades from yesterday’s game .

Jersey Al says Jekyll & Hyde Packers Hang on, Next Stop: Super BowlWisconsin Sport Team .

Packer Geeks with thier  Game Thoughts Packers/Bears

Packers Therapy with the Heading to Dallas installment .

Road Warriors – 3 post-season road games, 3 wins and now the ultimate road game, The Super Bowl.  All in all a solid if not spectacular performance by the Packers in yesterdays’ win but as my Mom said, all that matters is the scoreboard.  As I get ready to drive back up to Green Bay this morning, I’m happy it won’t be a ‘walk of shame’ type situation.  A great weekend though, got to meet Adam Czech & John Rehor as well as hang out with Corey & Aaron which is always fun.  Two weeks to wait now, but it’s better than the alternative.

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  • Brian

    Ah yes, the walk of shame. Luckily it was in Chicago, so most disheartened fans didn’t have far to travel back home.

  • Chris

    If your Super Bowl appetite isn’t fully sated, I offer a little Packers Therapy:

    A rather giddy duo revels in the Packers punching their ticket to Dallas.

  • Craig

    Thinking about driving up to Dallas (from Austin) to tailgate for the game. It’s not allowed in the official parking lot, but I was wondering if anybody is plaing to do the same and has info on where to go. We we’re thinking we’d bring a tv.

  • Fladriss

    No tailgating in the Cowboy stadium parking lot?!? What kind of penny ante crap is that? No wonder why Jerry Jones has trouble filling that monstrosity.

    Oh and Go Pack!

  • Craig

    No tailgating at the Super Bowl. The NFL takes over and doesn’t allow it (at Super Bowls). Tailgating is allowed for other games.

  • Craig