This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is American Idol Contestants.

A Casey Carlson (Season 8 ) sort of morning.

We’ll start the day off with Holly’s Opposition Talking Points on the Bears , lets hope she’s got one more on these in her for the season.

A masterpiece by The Packer Ranter,  GBP/NFC Championship Poster .

He should have been voted in as a starter, but better late than never I guess:  Tramon Is A Pro Bowler* .

4th & 26 on Packers-Bears III: What’s luck got to do with it?

Mike over at GPN looks at  The Offensive Line’s Big Task .

The Wisconsin Sports Tap with  The Joy and Agony of Sport Rivalries .

Jordan Taylor dropped 28 pts on Indiana leading the the Badgers hoops team to their 14th consecutive in at the Kohl Center.

Well played: Steelers, Jets, Packers, Bears And Their Office Equivalents .

With ‘The Govenator’ stepping down, which of these movie roles could Arnold Schwarzenegger reprise?

For all The Simpsons fans out there: 11 Best Titles Of Troy McClure Movies From The Simpsons .

I think this one is actually true – “All single women have a cat”, 31 Valuable Lessons I Learned From Watching Movies .

I had a hard time finding anyone that truly shouldn’t be on this list of  The 50 Most Loathsome Americans of 2010 .

True, always a good warning sign:  Seven Items that Should Be Lined With Fur So Guys Know Not to Use Them .

This is what it says it is – 15 Examples of Alice Eve Looking Sexy .

Well, here we are – The next time you’ll be here and reading in this space we’ll either be filled with euphoria or wallowing in a  sewer of disbelief  & melancholy. Rather than focus on what may or may not happen, let’s enjoy the feeling right now.  The cautious optimism, a little nervousness, the anticipation of what may happen & the hope that there will be more to come.  You know, it’s almost like getting ready for a first date.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on a first date, but I do remember the most recent first date I was on as it turned out to be my last.  Looking back at that day I felt all of the same feelings I listed before. 

  1. Cautious Optimism – She seemed pretty cool when we talked on the phone/The Packers have really played well these past 4 games
  2. A Little Nervous – How quickly can I get out of there if it sucks?/But what if the unspeakable happens and the Packers lose?
  3. Anticipation – Be nice if this went well, been having a dry spell/Be great to get back to the Super Bowl
  4. More to come – If this works out, maybe it’s the start of something great?/The Packers have a great young team, is this the start of a dynasty?

So take the next two days to enjoy the feeling of something special (& maybe a bit scary) about to happen. And remember, there are fans of 28 other teams that aren’t looking forward to anything this weekend much less getting any action…er…I mean football action of course.

Look for our Conference Championships version of Pocket Doppler Prognosticators later today & here’s to a great weekend!

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