Ah, it’s Bears week version three this week!  Bears weeks are always fun and enjoyable, but mixing in the NFC Championship makes this week even more mind blowing.  I find myself unable to think of anything but Sunday, but Packers v Bears, but the greatest sports rivalry ever!  So today’s Dreamy Dudes of Doppler post is in homage to the 1989, The Bears Still Suck game.

The Man.  Sterling Sharpe.  Anyone around my age or a little older, Sterling Sharpe was the MAN.  The Packers were horrid, but every year they got a little better.  Sterling was the man, the constant, who played lights out before playing lights out became fashionable.

He’s also the man that caught the famous touchdown that led to the famous review that led to the famous line.

So I spent my afternoon searching for old pictures of Sterling Sharpe.  Maybe it was because he played in the pre-TMZ days, or maybe because he always had a towel on his head, “dreamy dude” type pictures are hard to come by.

I did however find this great picture of him covered in turf with eyes focused clearly on the game.

I also found this gem, which is pretty far from dreamy, but is seriously hysterical and wonderful, and no lie, makes me smile.  A LOT!

So, Sterling Sharpe, and the rest of the 1989 Packers are my choice for today’s Dreamy Dudes of Doppler.

I understand that this choice will thrill some and leave others wanting more.  For those of you in the “wanting more” category, here’s an additional photo of some random guy I found while searching “male model” (fyi: not always a safe for work search).  Hope this helps.



  • Mark

    Man if Sterling didn’t have that neck injury the 1990′s packers would be dominant we could have won every year and was 1989 the last time we beat the cowgirls in dallas? i was only a baby (born in October 89)

  • foundinidaho

    I think guys in football uniforms are hot. Especially Sterling Sharpe. Thank you.