This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is American Idol Contestants.

A Katharine McPhee (Season 5) sort of morning.

I’ve sort of shied away from this topic (Florio v. Rodgers/Packers) because everyone else has covered it more ably and last night Florio actually published an apology which truthfully I never thought I would see.  As CD says,   In The End, Justice (and Rodgers) Prevails .

Jayme shares her Packers & NFC Championship Game Superstitions , many of which I’m sure we all follow.

There is definitely one outcome I would prefer to see, but Chris from OBD speaks the truth when he says One way or another, Sunday will stick with us…forever .

John pens a letter To the Chicago Bears Fans .

A guest columnist to the Wisconsin Sports Tap provides  It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!!

As Anonymous Eagle says & MU fans rejoice to,  Just What the Doctor Ordered: Marquette 94, DePaul 64 .

To the joy & elation of Brewers fans everywhere,  This Week in Witardo: Goodbye .

The answer to this question is ‘No’,  Is It Too Early To Start Talking About Fantasy Baseball Sleepers??

I have one of these crossed off but would like to get to the other 9:  Must-See Venues for a Diehard Sports Fan .

Scary? Some of these are down right terrifying,  10 Scary Girlfriend Behaviors .

Simply brilliant:  College Student Pays $14,000 Tuition With One-Dollar Bills .

These are as impressive as they are dangerous:  Eight Legendary Drinking Binges that Only Celebrities Could Have Gotten Away With .

These are all pretty good,  10 most memorable speeches in sports history .

Just something about the term ‘British Glamour Model’, sounds so sophisticated:  British Glamour Model Jessica-Jane Clement .

It’s Back On – If you haven’t read the Open Letter to Packers Fans  over at, head on over there and give it a gander, it’s really pretty good. Back yet?  OK, good.  As you read/In the post, Jonathan makes mention of how these past few years the rivalry between the Packers and Bears hasn’t been as heated for many Packers fans as most of our attention has been focused West.  I would be willing to bet starting this weekend the Bears will once again become the main focus of attention as it relates to who Packers fans want to beat the most.  With the retirement of #4 and the general disarray of the Vikings organization, the Bears will be the team to beat for the division and rightfully will garner more of our & the Packers focus as the chief rival. So starting Sunday Jonathan, you will have my undivided attention and most likely all season next year too. I look forward to rekindling the rivalry.

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