This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is American Idol Contestants.

A Janell Wheeler (Season 9) sort of morning.

Looking back at the Atlanta game, Adam at with how a Near Perfect Performance on Offense Leaves Lasting Memories .

Packer Update on how Packers RB  James Starks is no one-hit wonder .

Aaron at CHTV says that  Jennings, Receivers Have To Deliver In the Elements .

Rumors & Rants on the  Bears vs. Packers: The End Times Are Near .

John from GPN on how this weekend’s game is  A Matchup for the Ages .

Packer Geeks with  an object lesson in character , you can figure out what it’s about by the title I’m sure.

The Bucks played a MLK Day matinee yesterday, losing to the Rockets 93-84 as  Kevin Martin drags Rockets past hapless Bucks .

Jaymes at The Brewers Bar says the  Brewers Want Multi-Year Deal with Weeks .

Grading the Networks’ football coverage in  The NFL Broadcasting Manifesto .

My advice would be to not take any of the advice offered in these samples of 11 Ridiculous Pieces Of Advice Published In Newspapers .

Rebuffing Cosmo articles,  Cosmo’s “Bad Girl Sex” Ruined .

Who doesn’t love a good list: The List of Lists on Wikipedia .

I think we’ve had a similar link before, but these look new and are just as funny,  15 Funny Exam Answers .

The 39 Hottest Women at the 2011 Golden Globes

Let’s all just hold our horses, OK Mom?  - This past weekend before the Bears/Seahawks game my folks called, where my Mom proceeded to make sure I knew her & Dad would be coming to Green Bay and staying with us for the Super Bowl & then I was supposed to scout out the perfect spot for the victory parade in Green Bay on Monday.  My response was ‘Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.’  After the performance of the Packers on Saturday night I can see how my Mom and a lot of other people could be placing their own Super Bowl ‘reservations’, the Packers looked like world beaters.  There is however this pesky little thing called the Bears in the way of making it to the promised land and I am more than just a bit apprehensive about what may happen come Sunday.  So while I’m just excited as the next person about the possibilities, I don’t think I’ll be jumping on any XLV train just yet…I will however be following it very closely so I can jump on the minute I need to.

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