Blissfully excited from that superb win in Atlanta over those Dirty Birds, I expected that nothing could puncture the bubble of happiness that surrounded me. No one could irritate me, or anger me, even the occasional rant from my Bears Fan Tweep who grasps at straws like the misspelled Green Bay Press Gazette headling this morning (“Chicaco”? Really people?) to imply that the Packers are doomed in this quest for greatness and the Lombardi trophy.

I was wrong.

Some things happened yesterday that set me off. Big time.

First, I had been listening to the end of the Jets game on Boise’s ESPN Radio station Sunday night as I drove home from a movie. Yes, I went to see Colin Firth instead of Rex Ryan. Well worth it, he’s much better looking. So when I got in the car for my 7 minute commute to work, it was still on that station. Much to my horror, I was exposed to that tool Colin Cowherd that both Anita and Jayme have written about recently. I can say with all honesty I’d never heard him (though I get a play by play on Twitter of his snark every morning) and I can say with even more certainty that I never will again. In five minutes he explained how Packer fans had no self-esteem because that person whose name I have promised not to mention left us and we hadn’t gotten over it (if he only knew it was after the 2nd Minny game that I let go); oh, and that Aaron Rodgers “finally” had a good game – like it was a surprise or something. Oh, also we hated that certain person more than we loved the Packers. My jaw was hanging open when I got to work. This was closely followed, of course, there was the whole “Aaron Rodgers hates cute old ladies in pink” debacle as disastrously “reported” by Mike Florio, which seemed like more of the same.

Then last night that again, I found out about some comments through Twitter (what did I ever do without that service?) by a certain retiring quarterback. First, suddenly the Bears are cast aside as his favorite and the Packers are going to win it all. On the heels of that little revelation, an adult daughter of a certain douchewaffle retiring quarterback tweeted her support of Aaron Rodgers. Hm, I believe two weeks ago you were tweeting about how much you liked Michael Vick and wanted the Eagles to win and Packer fans (who paid for the roof over you and your family’s heads, mind you) were bitter twisted people. (I paraphrase, but not by much). I don’t follow this person, please note, but I pay attention to what others retweet. And I uttered a few choice phrases of my own on Twitter after the Vick comments. I don’t think it’s Packer Nation that hasn’t let go, it’s a certain family. They want back in now.

A LITTLE TOO CONVENIENT, KIDS, I thought. On the turn of a dime, everything’s okay again and we should be kissy kissy? Cowherd is right on one thing – we’re done with you. We may not want you back. Not yet. Serve your time, prove your sincerity in wanting reconciliation and we may let you back around us, but for now the door to the vast majority of Packer fans’ hearts, from all of the indications I’ve seen, remains pretty firmly shut.

So, I was pretty torqued by the end of my day yesterday. Thankfully, someone with some sense was around to point out the error of my ways.

Today, Packer Nation got some (I think) great advice from Greg Bedard on Twitter. He said “You guys really need to get over Cowherd, Florio and whoever else is “picking” on your Packers and just enjoy the ride.”

Point taken.

I’m not saying that one shouldn’t listen to Cowherd, or read Florio. I’m not saying one shouldn’t follow Douchey McDoucheface’s daughter on Twitter. It’s a free country and if you enjoy making fun of Cowherd for an hour or Florio for five minutes, or retweeting an utterance that you find of interest for whatever reason, go ahead. I may even read it because I value your opinion. (In the case of Florio, his “opinion” was couched as “fact.” That is problematic, and I’m glad he got called out on it.) If we don’t give these people the time of day, at least in the part of us that cares about the Packers, we don’t give their comments validity. I’m pretty sure that none of them deserve the attention I was actually paying them.

So I won’t. Thank you, “Uncle Owen”, for making me see the light of day. Not for the first time, might I add.

Now back to my happy place, where birds have fallen by the wayside one by one and it’s time to go Bear hunting. Enjoy the ride, I’m going to.

Go Pack Go.


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  • Mark

    nice colleen!

  • Chris

    Yeah, advice from Greg Bedard — that’s rich. He’s not the tool that Cowherd is, but I don’t think his opinion on anything would ever make much of an impact on me (especially now that he’s not covering the Packers).

  • Colleen

    Chris, while I see what you mean and I know you’re not a fan, I’ve had (to me) a lot of back and forth with Greg that wasn’t for public view and have met him. I think he’s a hell of a guy. So you’re just going to have to put up with me being a homer on that one. But I still think he’s right.

  • Anita

    There is a difference between Cowherd and Florio, though. Bedard is right on Cowherd. Colin Cowherd is a weenie little man with an equally little weenie, who picks at scabs for reaction. I WISH ESPN Milwaukee would go on air with Green and Gold Today instead of having it be a “internet only” option to cut Cowherd’s airtime in Milwaukee, at least. Better yet, go two hours on G&G Today. We can think of something to talk about in the off season. Sad part is that Scott Van Pelt, who took Cowherd to the woodshed for his stance on Rodgers, isn’t even heard on ESPN Milwaukee AT ALL. I’d rather listen to Van Pelt than Cowherd any day.

    To shut him out of the Packer media area altogether would be the only thing that makes Cowherd think twice about his attitude. Losing listeners would hurt him where he lives.

    Bedard is wrong on Florio, though. Florio isn’t a “picker.” He was just dead wrong in penning an article that assassinated the character of Rodgers. That’s just shitty journalism and he deserved to be called out on it by Packer bloggers like Nagler, journalists such as Wilde and Packer fans in general. It worked, too. He penned an apology and now it’s over. So, there’s no “getting over” Florio. It’s done.