This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is American Idol Contestants.

An Alaina Alexander (Season 6) sort of morning.

Saturday night the Packers handed the #1 seed Atlanta Falcons a lose, advancing to the NFC Championship game this coming weekend.  Ol’ Bag of Donuts says the win helps Rodgers move closer to exorcising Favre’s ghost .

Packer Update calls the upset a  Tramondous win for Packers .

Aaron Rodgers had almost a perfect game in the win on Saturday, Jersey Al making the comparison Throws Like Dan Marino and Runs Like Steve Young .

Chris & Dave look back at the Atlanta game and forward to the Bears game in the latest installment of Packers Therapy .

John at GPN is stating what a lot of Packers are,  In Ted We Trust .

Of course, we all now know that the opponent for that game is none other than our ‘friends’ to the South, the Chicago Bears. CD at Tundra Vision is being a little cautious though,  Be Careful What you Wish For .

As it relates to the Bears vs Packers for the NFC Championship, Total Packers with  Let The Hype Machine Spin Out Of Control!

BQ5 on the Badgers hoops win over Illinois on Saturday,  Rebounding the Right Way .

Marquette didn’t fair as well though and the photo of the Hindenburg here is appropriate,  Louisville 71, Marquette 70: Character Exposed .

Couldn’t agree more with this:  Is anyone else but me and Joe Posnanski sick and damn tired of Mr. Excitement?

Who says you need a TV, Top 10 Cable TV Alternatives .

Sick of your Job?  Here you go:  5 Easy Ways To Get Fired Within 3 Hours .

I believe the phrase ‘too much information’ would also apply here,  7 things you should never say through social media .

Oh well, can’t have everything I guess,  The 20 Hottest Girls Who’ve Turned Down Playboy .

Outstanding – That’s really the only way to describe the way Packers fans feel after Saturday’s win over the Falcons to advance to the NFC Championship Game.  Of course, there was a little concern very early in the game as the Falcons jumped out to that 14-7 lead but it was short lived.  Rodgers was phenomenal, Tramon Williams incredible and how about BJ Raji in at fullback?  The season stays alive for one more week and lets get ready for the Bears this Sunday.

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