This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is female Pop Stars.

A Shakira sort of morning.

ACME Packing Company on how the  Green Bay Packers Have Three Main Concerns Against Atlanta Falcons .

4th & 26 with  the Packers are (hopefully) set to take a run at the Falcons .

Chad at, formerly Jersey Al’s Packers Blog, is looking at stats and how the Packers Tight Ends Forgotten with Finley Gone .

Packer Geeks says the  Leslie Nielsen officiating theory proven .

Total Packers posits that  Walden Is Better Than Zombo, Jones .

BQ5 on something we are all wondering about,  the Rob Wilson quandary .

Cracked Sidewalks wants to  keep Crowder on the court, get Dieng off to claim road win over Top 25 Louisville .

Miller Park Drunk and  the inevitable Yuniesky Betancourt post .

A Packer made this list, but not the one I was expecting,  5 Impact Players To Watch This Weekend Not Named Tom Brady .

I recall this being a topic of discussion not too long ago:  9 Reasons Watching the Game at a Sports Bar is Better Than at the Stadium .

I’m very surprised this has never happened to me,  How Not to Clear Snow From a Roof .

There wasn’t Social Media when I was in college, but beyond that one think I had these all covered,  10 A**hole Moves You Can Only Get Away With in College …I miss college.

No animals were harmed in the…well, that may be debatable:  The 20 Awesomest Drunk Animals .

I say it’s a toss up,  I Dream of Jeannie vs. Bewitched .

I think I linked a photo or two earlier this week, but here’s the full  Victoria’s Secret Angels in GQ Magazine .

Holly Is Smart – While reading through Thur Q & A guest Holly’s Opposition Talking points yesterday, it was this bullet point that really jumped out at me in the ‘Matchups the Packers must win’ section:    Packers receivers v. themselves .  Wow, there’s a reason why I say Holly’s posts are must read and that right there is one of them.  The one thing that worries me most going into this game is not whether or not the O-Line can keep Rodgers standing or James Starks can run the ball…it’s the receivers holding on to the balls passed to them.  We’ve heard all year how talented this wide receiver corp is, and there is no doubt about that, but without fail the specter of dropping should have or must have passes has haunted them all along.  As maligned as James Jones is for dropping passes, Greg Jennings & Donald Driver haven’t been immune either.  If the receiving corp can keep the passes thrown to them in their hands and not on the ground, the chances of an early February game increase exponentially.

The Divisional Playoff version of Pocket Doppler Prognosticators will be up this afternoon, make sure to stop by the WSTOpen Golf Outing website and let us know if you interested in participating, have a good weekend and let’s hope Monday is a Victory Monday.

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