This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is female Pop Stars.

A Rihanna sort of morning.

John from GPN is a big enough man to admit when he’s wrong .

Some film study going on at on the Top 3 Plays of Packers – Eagles Playoff Game .

CD at with  No Excuses, No Regrets…and No Complaining? on how the Packers winning is a losing proposition .

A Packers-Falcons preview from Midwest Sports Fans.

The Badgers lost to MSU last night in overtime . I would put some of this on some questionable personnel moves by Bo Ryan in the waning minutes…you know who I’m talking about.

The MLB all-time Saves leader Trevor Hoffman announced his retirement yesterday.  The Brewers Bar send Hoffman off with  Happy Trails, Trevor Hoffman . takes some time to  Put the Bucks’ Injury Woes in Perspective .

My kids are never, ever playing hockey:  The Many Different Ways You Can Get Hurt Playing Hockey .

When life imitates art, although you would be hard pressed to call Two & A Half Men art… Charlie Sheen on a Bender With Three Porn Stars .

Yeah, always heard that Mussolini was a clothes whore,  The 10 Most Stylish Dictators .

 I don’t know, some of these are still pretty far-fetched I think: 6 Crackpot Conspiracy Theories (That Actually Happened) .

I guess it depends on when you were a ‘kid’, but I can see most of these holding true:  10 movies you loved as a kid that are actually kind of awful .

Lot of work went into this, and yes SFW for the most part but then maybe not just based on the title:  Playboy’s 25 Hottest Playmate of the Year Winners .

A Possible Conundrum? – OLB Frank Zombo was back at practice on Tuesday for the Packers, although it doesn’t appear as though he was a full participant.  This got me thinking though, what happens if Zombo is cleared to play come Saturday or (knock on wood) the week after?  Do Dom Capers & Kevin Greene stay with the hot hand which is Erik Walden or allow the Zombo back in the starting line-up. I’m thinking at this point even if Zombo is given a clean bill of health, we would still see Walden opposite Matthews this weekend.  Not only because Walden has played well but from the stand point of defensive scheming for the Atlanta game.  What will be curious, and again knock on wood, is who may be starting in a week from Sunday should the Packers get that far.

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  • Andy

    Having Zombo back is the kind of conundrum I would love to have. I doubt they will have him start right away coming off of injury, but I’m sure they will get him in the game. The pack seems to have been doing well without him though.