Just some quick thoughts and reaction to the Milwaukee Bucks 91-84 loss to the San Antonio Spurs:

- Milwaukee’s shooting started out pretty solid. Intensity carried over well from the weekend games. There wasn’t much of a drop off after the 3 day break.

- The Bucks held a halftime rebounding edge, something they’ve been a bit sluggish at lately.

- The defense was key to their early lead, Chris Douglas-Roberts was a big boost with a few steals and a few big plays.

- What to say about Matt Bonner and his big performance off the bench? Picture last weekend’s Green Bay Packers playoff game vs. Philadelphia. If the Eagles’ 3rd string running back comes in and lights up for 300 yards rushing, how could you have possibly game-planned for that? Bonner has only had a few double-digit scoring games all year. He just couldn’t miss.

- Spurs’ guard Manu Ginobili was clearly not a crowd favorite. Lots of boos every time he touched the ball, with the crowd yelling “traveling” for every free throw he took.

- Ginobili flops around the court worse than anybody in the NBA.

- Ginobili is a cheap, dirty, cheesy, no shame basketball player . But NBA rules allow a player to play like that, so more power to Manu.

– Spurs coach Gregg Popovich stood and coached the 4th quarter while Bucks coach Scott Skiles sat and coached the 4th. Definitely a difference in coaching styles and intensity. Popovich is also +4 on Skiles in NBA Championships. A very well-coached game by San Antonio.

- Basically another 3-quarter game by Milwaukee. Memo: NBA games go 4 full quarters.

And some one-liners from my brothers who also attended the game:

- Too many outside shots for the Bucks.

- Not enough nachos for Bogut. (huh?)

- Spurs look ‘lifeless’ in first half.

- Severe lack of free throws, both teams.

- Smart, crafty basketball by Milwaukee in the 3rd quarter. Drawing good fouls.


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