Per Young Women’s Health:

“You know when you’re stressed out – your body feels bad and your thoughts are spinning…Our bodies are designed to handle calm situations, and also exciting or dangerous ones. When you’re in the middle of something scary or challenging, your body gets into a mode that’s better for handling the situation. This is a state of high energy and sharp senses…However, when the situation turns into more than you can handle, that’s when you start to feel stress. It’s as if your body is shouting “Do something!”, and your brain is shouting back ‘I don’t know what to do!’ ”

My brain is shouting at me! I’m in a state of high energy! The situation has turned into more than I can handle! It’s playoff football, and our team, our beloved, is front and center. We’ve been waiting a week, hearing both the highs and lows of Green Bay’s chances, and making predictions left and right.

Does Aaron Rodgers quell the criticism? Does Mike Vick extend his incredible comeback? Does Ted Thomspon blink?! What’s going to happen today?! Goodness, my excite-o-meter is hovering somewhere between Christian Bale and Ryan Leaf levels. Help me Women’s Health, please. Help me. 


“Solutions to stress…”

“Exercise. Yoga, Tai Chi and/or Qigong.”

(Beverage in hand, mouth full of food) Yeah, right.

“Meditation and prayer.”

Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch…


Is this a joke? Today is Christmas and Thanksgiving combined into one afternoon, not going to happen.

“Have a good cry.”

There will be many tears today, but will they pour out in elation or despondency? Either way, a “good cry” is headed this way. I mean…monster trucks, rock n’ roll, steak… Um…


“Helpful Hint: Make a list of your favorite stress-reduction activities, and tape it where you’ll see it often, such as on the fridge, in your notebook, or on your computer screen. When you’re over-stressed, stop what you’re doing, pick one thing off the list, and do it!”

Perfect. Clay Matthews sacking Vick, definitely helping. -  http://bit.ly/ihT94D

And this? -  http://bit.ly/JxaO0

NO! Too early for tears, too early for tears…

jrehor : “F you 4th and 26!”


jasonjwilde : “The view from the press box at Lincoln Financial Field. Still 2 1/2 hours until kickoff. http://yfrog.com/h8gj5nj


Who am I kidding? The anxiety/stress/excitment isn’t going anywhere. It’s the NFL playoffs; we live for this! The nerves are a major factor, as much apart of experience gameday as anything else. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Rather than attempt to ease the unease, embrace it. Green Bay-Philly starts now!

greenandgold19 : “Is anyone else finding it hard to tweet ’cause of the stress? God, I love football.”

Yes and yes.


Pregame News and Notes:

acmepackingco : “Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Packers at Eagles http://sbn.to/ihKWPl

Beautiful day.


PackerNation : “It’s Time-Playoff Time http://t.co/lvJ3AvX  

cheeseheadtv : “Packers Vs. Eagles: Offense, Defense & Special Teams http://bit.ly/dSI5Qz

jerseyalgbp : “McCarthy will unleash John “Neo” Starks today. http://bit.ly/eghBXL


ESPN_NFCNBLOG : “Video: Packers-Eagles pregame report – http://es.pn/h3sC1s

How we feeling?

michaeldavidsen : “I’m shaking”

Good, so I’m not alone.


RahimT12 : “Feel like watching an Aaron Rodgers highlight reel? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s2DkahvbBE

I’m responsible for 78 of those views.


Aaron_Nagler : “ESPN reports that JohnElway wants to bring in Dom Capers to interview for the Broncos’ head coaching position. Too bad he’ll have to wait.”

Step off Elway!


AndyHutchins : “Aaron Rodgers’ Wikipedia photo is GREAT: http://bit.ly/eH25DV

Beautiful, man.


Enough! Let’s do this dance!

1st Quarter


***Joe Buck and Troy Aikman calling today’s game***

jsutlookin : “Have I said how much I dislike Troy Aikman, ugh another game with his announcing.”

If you’re driving the anti-Aikman bus, I’m in the passenger seat. Not sure exactly why.

Eagles set to receive.

jasonjwilde : “Rocky Balboa on the JumboTron. Here we go.”

Chezhdchick : “People in Philly know that Rocky isn’t real, right?”

Pam Oliver : “Look for Charles Woodson to keep an eye on Mike Vick for the entire afternoon.”

Look for me to keep an eye on the kiesh my grandmother just baked.

14:55 Eagles receive the kick and barely reach the 14-yard line on the return

BigSnakeMan : “A stick on Special Teams. A good omen?”

14:52 1st play from scrimmage, Vick SACKED! Desmond Bishop! 9 yard loss & DB letting the dogs out early. Yup, a tired and lazy Vick joke. I apologize (in advance).

jrehor : “Vick, meet turf.”

packfansince89 : “Every Sunday desbishop55 eats a breakfast of champions, which consists of live athletes.”

And another…

packfansince89 : “The white house has a desbishop55 button for emergencies they can’t handle.”

okay, one more :)

packfansince89 : ” desbishop55 makes mr. miyagi wax his truck.”

Last one!

LucasRichmond44 : “Lambeau got rid of its grow lights, they just hire Desbishop55 to tell the grass when it can grow.”

14:12 2nd and 19, Jason Avant hauls in the pass, gains 18.

13:38 3rd and 1, Vick scrambles left…Walden with the stop! 4th down! Heck yes. Vick lucky Bishop whiffed, because he was coming like a truck.


Joe Buck : “Here’s an ugly punt.”

13:03 WHAT?! Brandon Underwood nicks the ball with his foot…HE was blocked into it! Eagles’ football at the Green Bay 42.

RahimT12 : “I’m sorry, this may be knee jerk, but unless Desmond Howard reincarnates himself in Shields’ or Tramon’s body, Fire Slocum.”

Midwestfan : “More special teams fail. Good thing we didn’t fire Slocum”

Chris Carter (pregame): “The packers special teams are really good.”



RyanBrown812 : ” ‘oh your knee is totally shattered. Did you see how hard that guy hit you?’. That commercial doesn’t get old.”

12:40 Vick looks left…Dodges, ducks, dips, dives and dodges. The 5 D’s and a 1st down after gain of 11 yards.

12:30-10:30 1, 2, 3 and out. What a response by the defense.

10:17 Joe Buck : “Akers trots on to try a 43-yard field goal” …He missed! Green Bay football!

Bjohnson613 : “Has the Pennsylvania National Guard been called to escort Akers to his car?”

BillMichaels620 : “There’s the wind effect….again, the Packers will have it at their backs to end the game. Could loom large. Good D stand.”

Rich Ward Sr : “Underwood doesn’t have to change his underwear.”

jasonjwilde : “Brandon Underwood’s touching of the ball on the punt doesn’t cost Packers as Akers misses 41-yard FG.”


If I see that Kevin Bacon commerical again, I might turn into him (fingers crossed).

10:38 Green Bay starts at their own 32, Rodgers fakes the handoff, rolls right…Quarless for 16! That-a-baby.

Aaron_Nagler : “That’s Mike’s MO – roll out the QB early for an easy throw. Did it w/Aaron Brooks, Brett Favre and Rodgers in playoff games.”

PackerRanter : “My goodness Rodgers throws a beautiful ball, whose gloriousness is best captured in slowmo HD.”

Has anyone see The League on FX? Ruxin is so enamored by his fantasy football lineup that he…um…I won’t go there, but with Aaron Rodgers, I get it. Simply stated, man-crush.

10:08 1st and 10 at their own 48, DD adds 12 down to the Philly 40. Movin’ the chains.

PackerDrunk : “Double D!!! But we should cut him right?”

No, just the children’s books.


8:57 3rd and 7 at the 36 of Philadelphia…Rodgers “slings it” Bah, in and out of the hands of Greg Jennings. 4th down.

foundinidaho : “Okay Jennings, that was your obligatory drop. NOW STOP IT.”

Long fieldgoal or punt? Punt.


“M-V-P! M-V-P!

TundraVision : “What would Tim Masthay Do?”

8:38 Amen, Masthay pins Philly inside the 10.

BillMichaels620 : “Good back spiral kick by Masthay. Eagles start on their own 9.”

PackTherapyDave : “So far, a WR drop and a special teams brain fart. Nice!”

Aaron_Nagler : “And a sack and a first down. But why be positive, right?”

8:30-7:45 Two plays and a 1st down.

7:39 Vick drops back deep in the pocket, going deeeeeeeeep to Desean Jackson….SAMMY SHIELDS! Woah, he never gave up on it and knocked the ball out.

wallypingel : “Thank you Sam Sheilds”

BlaqShady : “Amazing play, Sam!”

Packnic : “That is just a remarkable play by a rookie CB”

If only he could return punts, kickoffs half-decently. Maybe some day.

7:28 Lesean McCoy gains 6 on 2nd down.

***Desean Jackson limping off the field. McCoy rolled up on Jackson’s ankle while being brought down***

JordanRaanan : “Yikes. DeSean gets his ankle rolled up on. BIG trouble”

Joe Buck : “That left ankle got twisted pretty seriously.”

Aaron_Nagler : “Oh man, Hate to see that. Want to beat them at full strength.”

Exactly what I’d say, but how I feel? Tough call.

6:16 Eagles up to the 22-yard line and 3rd and 10…Screen play, McCoy dancing, Bring him down! …FUMBLE! Bah, Eagles recover. No matter, it’s 4th down.

***Desean Jackson limping to lockerroom***

rothchris : “Jackson injury eerily similar to the one that knocked Ryan Grant out on the same field.”

foundinidaho : “DeSean out…hope he’s okay but not today.”


Americon Idol looks…Well, too much of Steven Tyler’s face would make any show unwatchable (no offense). Pink is far from my favorite crayon.

wallypingel : “Over under on the number of American Idol commercials? Set it at 7″

5:46 Green bay starting at the 32…

Sternhe : “Alright. Let’s go offense!!!!”

5:42 Rodgers quick step drop, fires HIGH! Ah, nearly picked off. Harmless incompletion.

Love the threat of a run game early…

5:33 Spoke too soon…JAMES ‘CROWN HIM’ STARKS for 27 yards into Philly territory!

(foot in mouth)

Aaron_Nagler : “Oh my god he’s terrible!!!!! Oh, wait”

* RahimT12 : “Packer Twittersphere about to explode in James Starks love in 3, 2….”*

He’s amazing.

michaeldavidsen : “Starks baby!”

Hello, Bo Jackson?

PackerDrunk : “Starks is the friggin DUDE.”

One word: Put-Him-In-The-Hall-of-Fame-NOW.


5:00-4:00 1st and 10 at the Eagles’ 43 yard line. Starks again on 1st and 2nd down. 3+4=7 yards.

3:36 3rd and 3, “HUT HUT” and Rodgers draws ‘em offsides.

GBPackers_Diva : “Automatic 1st down!!! WOOOO!!!”

3:00-2:00 At the 34…Starks, Starks, Starks and another first down.

theandyman : “Maybe this is why Starks did next to nothing in the reg season, so they could unleash him when it counts.”

Who was that complaining about no threat of a run game? Not me. Never.

RahimT12 : “James Starks…lookin like the black John Riggins with that 44 in Green & Gold.”

“The Diesel!”

Hah! —> TundraVision : “James Starks is the Marshawn Lynch of the Packers.”

jenlada : “Starks toting the rock early and often. If carries continue at this clip, may set a season high. Not just for him (obv) for for all GB backs.”


***Green Bay has 14 players on injured reserve***

Troy Aikman : “Ted Thompson has been terrific, and the other part of that is Mike McCarthy. They’ve done a great job.”

I still don’t know how to handle applause from Aikman.

jsutlookin : “Scary…even Troy Aikman is being complimentary to the Packers”

We think alike, but eerie.


1:16 3rd and 7 at the Philly 17, Rodgers in the gun…Jennings covered, Driver covered, Finley in a press box…Rodgers with an excellent throw across his body to find Johnny Kuhn! 1st and 10 at the 7. WE-NEED-SIX.

wallypingel : “Good to hear the KUUUUUHHHNNN even at the Linc”

Kuhn’s become a folk hero in a matter of weeks. Aikman developing a crush.

TomPelissero : “Never thought I’d hear “John Kuhn” and “coach’s dream” in the same sentence. Thanks, Troy.”


[Breaking News: Andy Reid is an excellent coach, but woah he's a big fellow.]

htphelps : “Is Andy Reid in a onesie??”

Hey now.

mrmcparty :   “That would be a 100sie!”

Low blow.

bjohnson613 (Bill Johnson): “Or the tarp from Wrigley Field”

Alright, that’s enough!

0:13 1st and goal from the 7, Eagles’ D calling on the crowd to bring some noise…Rodgers play action to Starks…

Joe Buck : “What a time for Tom Crabtree’s first career TD”

…TOM CRABTREE TOUCHDOWN! Best 2nd round draft pick Ted Thompson ever made…3rd, no? 5th? 7th?

BamaCheesehead : “Crabtree another undrafted FA”

That’s right.

kareemcopeland : “10 plays, 68 yds in 5:38.”

jasonjwilde : “Touchdown, @ TCrabtree83 . Wide open on right side … 7-0 Packers, :08 left first quarter.”

7-0 Winning! They’re WINNING!

BrianCarriveau : “Crabtree’s first career TD couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Tommy likey.

Chezhdchick : “Congrats @ TCrabtree83 ! Nice time for your first NFL TD!”

Over/under 1 touchdown for Crabtree next season? Career?

jenlada : “Starks use gets strategist/conspiracy theorist in me going. Mike McCarthy dismisses, criticizes practice habits. Then no 1 expects much. Including opponent.”


*** BrianCarriveau At this early juncture, the Packers are averaging 6.8 yards per carry.***

0:03 Crosby reaches back for a little extra and booms a touchback. Welcome back, Mason Crosby.

BigSnakeMan : “One full quarter and no drops by James Jones. I count that as progress.”



2nd Quarter

14:48 1st and 10, McCoy “dropped” by Woodson on the draw play. Woodson doesn’t play the run, he liquidates it.

PackerDrunk : “Woodson is a F’n ninja”

14:16 3rd and 3, Vick hands off to..NO..Fakes the handoff runs up the middle. Ugh, 1st down. He’s getting beat up early though.

13:38 McCoy snakes ahead for 4.

13:28 Vick drops back, throws a dart it to maclin, dropped. Through his hands.

13:00 3rd and 6, here comes the house…SACKED! CLAY MATTHEWS ‘JACKS UP’ the (former) MVP candidate.

Closing speed.

Kenny_Mayne : “Clay Matthews as fabio..Sunday on countdown..Aaron rodgers and Greg Jennings as themselves.”

Kevin Greene ready to suit up.


BigSnakeMan : “Packers made Vick look like a whipped puppy on that play.”

Only the 2nd dog joke, not bad. Let’s put on muzzle on those. Ah &*^$! 

Sorry, finger taurrets.

RahimT12 : “Let’s not get cocky now, the Giants had a rather large lead over the Eagles for a spell…”

***Eagles scored 28 points in the final 7:28 against New York***


12:38 Green Bay to start at the 50, great field position.

TimCowlishaw : “GB leading receiver: Andrew Quarless. Leading rusher: James Starks. TD: Tom Crabtree…the award for Best Performance by a Rookie Class goes to…”


12:12 Starks for 6. Until the tires come off! 2nd and 4.

PackNic : “Dear NFL, meet James  Starks”

Joe Buck : “The Green Bay packs now have someone who can run the ball.”

I’m thrilled too, but a bit premature? Dennis Green thinks so.

jasonjwilde : “Starks sure shows better vision than B.Jackson.”


mjpuczko : “And doesn’t fall down when he gets hit!”


sydsdad07 : “Doesn’t dance, runs forward”

Slow down………

Bjohnson613 : “And leaps tall buildings.”

There we go.

11:31 Starks for 3 more. 3rd and short. Third time is the charm?

10:48 3rd and a Kuhn-sized 1 yard. FUMBLE…

RahimT12 : “John Kuhn on 3rd and short…not money.”

…He got it back! Measurement, first down! That play was sloppier than my writing.

RahimT12 “Nevermind. Even when he’s not money, he’s money.”

I swear the Eagles had it.

TundraVision : “What a dope #27 for the Eagles…he had the ball and looked away.”

Nerves at the Bill-Romanowski-after-missing-a-cycle level.

Aaron_Nagler : “Of course, it doesn’t matter who has the ball. It matters who the refs want to give it to.”

In this case, I’ll take it. Lucky though.

JimPolzinWSJ : “Packers RBs haven’t lost a fumble this year. Almost did there.”

10:08 1st and 10 at the Philly 40. Rodgers swings it Kuhn in the flats, nice rebound and gain of 8. 2nd and 2-ish yards.

foundinidaho : “And the Kuuuuhhhhnnn chants break out in the bar.”

You’re okay Boise, you’re okay. :)

9:27 Rodgers dodges a sack…extending…extending…hits Quinn Johnson for a 1st down! Green Bay down to the Philly 35.

***6 different WR with receptions today***


Am I the only one who hears the nut job Philly fan shrieking like Justin Bieber fan?

foundinidaho : “Shut up, whiny Eagle”

RahimT12 : “That hysterical female Eagles fan that keeps yelling “Make a tackle!” is hilarious.”

Guess not.


*** jasonjwilde : “Packers RB James Starks with 8:22 left until halftime: 7 carries for 45 yards, 2 receptions for 9 yards.”***

7:38 1st and 10, Starks lowers the boom for 8 yards. What a burst, down to the 27 yard line.

***Make that 8 carries for 53 yards***

Joe Buck : “There’s no way you can tell me he’s not the most explosive back on the Packers’ roster.”

I won’t argue that.

6:42 1st and 10, Rodgers drops back, drops the ball…Drops on the ball. Crisis averted. 2nd and 10.

jsutlookin : “Rodgers looking very Vick-esque.”


6:08 2nd and 10, Rodgers hits Jennings on the left sideline for 5. Excellent catch.

5:52 3rd and 5 at the 23, Rodgers scrambles left…takes off for the sideline! 1st down and change.

Joe Buck : “He’s not Mike Vick but he can sure use his legs.”

I hear he’s a cat person too.

Crazy Lady in the stands : “MAKE A TACKLE! MAKE A TACKLE!”

RahimT12 : “Okay I take it back. That lady is pissing me off now.”

5:21 1st and 10 near the Philadelphia 10 yard line. Rodgers eludes the pocket, looking right ….

jrehor : “You know who’s pretty good? Aaron Rodgers.”

…JAMES JONES TOUCHDOWN! Cool as…the other side of the pillow? As a cucumber? Forget it, you find better. WIDE OPEN! Get this guy a buckle…

ShotOfGinn : “BELT”


jasonjwilde : “Rodgers caps a 12 play, 56 yard, 7 minute drive with a terrific throw to Jones for a 9-yard TD. It’s 14-0 Packers, 5:21 left in the half.”

14-0 Green Bay Extenze …free advertising

BigSnakeMan : “For the 1,043rd time this season (unofficial count), Rodgers keeps a play alive long enough to work.”

Truth. He’s so, so good at that.

Aaron_Nagler : “Brilliant. And yes – it was 14-0 at the start of 4th and 26.”


Troy Aikman sends us to commercial by bringing up the Arizona loss. Thanks Troy.

jsutlookin : “Shut up Troy Aikman…we don’t need to revisit AZ.”

Get out of my head Annie! :)

*** michaeldavidsen : “Rodgers has 88 yards passing. Packers have 62 yards rushing.”***

5:13 Eagles to begin at the 26 after a short return on the kickoff by Crosby.

Joe Buck : “A little weapon named Desean Jackson is back on the field.”

5:09 Troy Aikman : “Vick throws an absolute strike to Jeremy Maclin” …Woah, 44 yard gain. Tom Coughlin just lost his lunch.

4:24 1st and 15 at the 35 of Green Bay after a falst start. (1)Raji whistled and Vick fell down.

BrianCarriveau : “My wife says B.J. Raji is like a Jack Black or a Chris Farley, quicker than they look.”

3:38 (2)Raji sniffs out the screen, gain of 5. Underrated effort by Raji just to make that play.

BillMichaels620 : “What an athletic tackle by Raji. Leaping over blocker to get to McCoy.”

3:25 2nd and 10. (3)Raji swats the pass down at the line!

Hat trick.

Sternhe : “BJ Raji doing his best @ jjwatt99 impression with that bat-down”

3:09 3rd and 10…Vick pulls it down immediately, sprints ahead for 14 all the way down to the 14 yard line. Hawk completely whiffed there.

BillMichaels620 : “Vick ran by Hawk like he was in quick sand.”

brove : “That was an embarrassing attempt at a tackle Mr. Hawk.”

DaleZawada : “AJ Hawk has played like absolute sh- this game so far. He’s had a great year, made good tackles, but this game…hes sucking. Turn it on!!”

htphelps : “Trying to convince myself that Vick will get his yards. Nerves aren’t listening.”

TundraVision : “Maybe Woodson should stay in his little ol’ spy role, eh?”

And another history lesson…

RoobEagles : “Last time Eagles trailed 14-0 in a playoff game was 2003 vs. Packers at the Linc”

…Oh dear God.

3:00-1:30 1st down at the Green Bay’s 14, no gain. 2nd down, dropped by Jackson at the left sideline. 3rd and 10…Vick dumps it off to McCoy. Beautiful team-tackling by Jarret Bush and Tramon Williams.

1:16 Akers on to try what should be a gimme, and this time he’s true. Still a great stand by the defense.

jasonjwilde : Akers’ 29-yard field goal is good, cutting Packers’ lead to 14-3 with 1:11 left in the first half. Packers have two timeouts, get ball 3Q.

14-3 Green Bay > Philadelphia

1:11 Akers enjoying the wind at his back, bombs another touchback. 

Plenty of time for at least a fieldgoal.

1:08 Handoff to Jackson for 5 yards.


Call a timeout Mike!


Still 2 timeouts remaining.

0:38 2nd and 10, Rodgers drops back but throws too low for Quarless.

FOX suddenly decides to show the 4th and 26. Freddie Mitchel makes a cameo, buckles his “title belt.”

greenandgold19 : “Thanks for bringing up 4th and 26, jackwagon.”

RahimT12 : “Funny how they don’t show Favre’s overtime lay-up to Brian Dawkins but they’ll show 4th and 26 till kingdom come.”

0:45 3rd and 5, Rodgers-Quarless-12 yards…BOOM…Woah Asante Samuel just launched himself into AQ and smacked him directly in the craw.

Helmet to helmet? Launching?

Aaron_Nagler : “HOW IS THAT NOT A FLAG?”

foundinidaho : “Nice helmet to helmet, a-hole.”

Of course, Joe Buck likes the no call.

ShotOfGinn : “Joe Buck is an idiot. Helmet to helmet hits are legal apparently, they just have to be a runner.”

Rodgers is going to make ‘em pay.

0:37 1st and 10 at the 37 yard line. That 30-seconds McCarthy let run off would have been nice to have…Rodgers perusing the field, drops back, he’s looking long! James Jones! DROPPED! Right on cue, it seems.

RahimT12 : “Hi football world, for those of you who do not follow the Packers and just did a search on James Jones, please note this is usual. Carry on.”

LifeAfterFavre : “Truly horrific. Gotta feel for Rodgers, Pinpoint pass.”

Troy Aikman : “You couldn’t walk the ball to him any better.”

[ Breaking : I just popped a blood vessel in my left eye.]


olbagofdonuts : “Remember the failed fourth and goal call back in 04? Let’s pray the drop isn’t that.”

Joe Buck : “That could have been crushing to the Eagles…”


KCousineau09 : “Should be 21-3 right now”

Aaron_Nagler : “That’s why Jones will be elsewhere next year.”


Mike McCarthy letting the clock drain with a timeout still in his pocket.

Aaron_Nagler : “McCarthy – sometimes, you are an idiot.”

Badger_Dave_ : I usually love MM for his aggressiveness, but the time management has got to get better, be more point GREEDY, MIKE!!!


BigSnakeMan : “Q: When will James Jones stop dropping passes. A: When they stop throwing to him.”

And another…

BigSnakeMan : “There’s your obligatory Jones drop. James EARL Jones could’ve caught that ball with his VOICE!”


wallypingel : “Say it with me…God Da—it James Jones.”

Midwestfan : “Mike McCarthy coached that last drive like a castrated steer. What pisses me off about McCarthy is he makes the same mistakes, over and over again. Either try to score, or don’t.”

adamczech : “That’s McCarthy and Jones punishing Packers fans for getting somewhat confident.”

Despite the feeling, Green Bay still winning by 11…

sportsguy33 : “McCarthy just filmed a McGruber sketch. “McCarthy! Let’s 40 secs tick off before a field goal MCCARTHY! No time for a 2-min drill MCCARTHY!”


jrehor : 1/2 way to a win. 1/2 way isn’t good enough. Need 4 complete quarters”


To ease the tension…

laughterandsuch : “Putting shoes on your dog is a great way to tell the world that you cry in the shower.”

My last dog joke, I swear.

Reaction, insight?

espn_nfcnblog : “A question at halftime from the Linc – http://es.pn/ifDiyY

What have you seen from Aaron Rodgers, Terry?

Terry Bradshaw : “Rodgers has as quick as release as I’ve seen since Dan Marino. He’s good to the left, good to the right. He read coverages extremely well, and he’s a smart guy.”

Jimmy, how does Philadelphia make this a game?

Jimmy Johnson : “The big play will get them back in the game. They have lived by the ‘big play’ and Vick has got to get Jackson and Maclin deep down the middle.”

Why are you the face of Extenze, coach?

Jimmy Johnson : “Um…Uh…”

And in other news…

The Beckhams are expecting baby No. 4. Propriety dictates we say nice things following such news. “Nice things.” That’s about the best I can do.

And Jason Wilde and Bill Johnson (radio peers) in a bit of a tiff about Mike McCarthy’s time management at the end of the first half…

jasonjwilde : “I agree with you guys … we asked the same question about why he wasn’t taking a timeout before the FG.”

bjohnson613 : “Packers play GREAT half in playoffs, all we can do is b—- about a timeout at end of half?”

JasonJWilde : “Jeez, bjohnson613 . Not saying it’s THE BIGGEST DEAL IN THE WORLD. But it’s a legit question. My goodness.”

Hug it out, fellas. Green Bay has a game to win.

3rd Quarter

Green Bay set to receive.

***The Packers had 4 offensive series in the first half***

James Jones to Pam Oliver : “I can’t afford those drops.”

15:00 Sam Shields running side ways, again….UP THE FIELD! Green Bay to start at the 17.

jasonjwilde : “Shields on the kickoff return this time. Did not go well.”

14:48 Starks for 8

14:06 2nd and 2 at the 25. Rodgers play action…drops back…In and out of the hands of Donald Driver about 20 yards down the field. Another drop.

14:01 3rd and 2, Rodgers HIT, STRIPPED, FUMBLE! …Eagles recover…

RahimT12 : “4 quarter game. 4 quarter game. 4 quarter game. 4 quarter game. 4 quarter game.”

Aaron_Nagler : “Dang it Aaron.”


Joe Buck : “Daryl Tapp knocked it out.”

Troy Aikman : “Just what the Eagles needed.”

(Directed expletive)

13:56 1st and 10 for the Eagles at the Green Bay 24. Vick sets up a screen and Pickett sits on McCoy. No gain.

Troy Aikman : “I just think that was a huge defensive stop for Philadelphia.”

(Expletive, hand gestures included)

13:50 2nd and 10, Vick over the middle TOUCHDOWN. Jason ‘world beater’ Avant wide open and just like that…Welcome back to being nugatory, Jarrett Bush.

baboons : “I blame James Jones.”

I still  blame the Giants punter.

KCousineau09 : “Jarrett Bush showing his true colors. Stick to special teams.”

***Jason Avant had 1 touchdown reception this season***

Aaron_Nagler : “Jarrett Bush getting burned for a TD? Yep, it must be playoff time…”

Troy Aikman : “It all goes back to the turnover by Aaron Rodgers”

(Expletived-out) By God, Aikman…

jasonjwilde : “Hmmm. 24-yard touchdown to Avant vs. Jarrett Bush, and it’s 14-10 Packers, 13:50 left third quarter.”

14-10 Philadelphia inching back by leaps and bounds.

jdhein22 : “It. Is. Happening. All. Over. Again.”

MikeVandermause : “Once dormant Eagles fans have come to life. Packers have only themselves to blame for that.”

THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS! —> BrianCarriveau : “The word of the day: resilient. Packers just need to weather the storm.”

13:45 Starks back deep this time, out to the 20.

Philly fans have awoken.

kareemcopeland : “Gettin loud here for first time.”

Asshalo : “Meanwhile, James Starks is having a great game. Keep running the ball well and offense should be fine.”

13:30-12:30 Run, Run, 3rd down and 5…Rodgers takes a major lick but gets it out to Driver for 6 yards and a 1st down on 3rd Huge play.

Joe Buck : “Hosalio Hanson a step too late on getting to Rodgers.”

11:45 1st and 10 at the 32, Rodgers skips it incomplete to Greg Jennings. Jennings arguing he caught the ball…Nope, trapped.

Troy Aikman : “That was one of the few poor throws we’ve seen from Rodgers considering he had time.”

Where is jsutlookin when I need her?

11:42 2nd down, incomplete pass.

11;42 3rd and 10…4 man rush, Rodgers steps up in the pocket and Driver hauls it in! 20 yard pick up to the Philly 49 yard line. So cool, Rdogers is so cool in the pocket! That’s my expert analysis.

Joe Buck : “20 yard completion to the all-time leading receiver in Packer history!”

foundinidaho : “Donald Driver said, not so fast. We’re still here”

PackerDrunk : “God bless DD.”

BillMichaels620 : “Again….Driver with a 3rd down catch. Rodgers with great protection. Give it to the O Line.”

11:00 Back to the ground, STARKS STARKS STARKS down the left sideline for 19 yards! Fresh legs!

jasonjwilde : “James Starks now has 13 carries for 88 yards. Wow.”

PackerRanter : “Green Jesus”

Aaron_Nagler : “OH MY GOD HE’S TERRIBLE!!!!!!”

We get it! ;)

10:12 1st and 10 at the 30, Starks adds 4 more.

***5.5 yards per carry for Green Bay thus far***


So, the Pro Bowl looks pretty exiciting (crickets).

10:21 2nd and 5, play action to Kuhn, Rodgers looks back to him, 1st down and a gain of 16!

PackerRanter : “John Kuhn, breaking ankles.”

Chezhdchick : ” I hear you, Packer fans! ‘KUUUUUUUHNNN!’ ”

8:39 Starks for 3, 2nd and goal at the 6.

***Green Bay 2/2 inside the redzone today***

9:21 Holding on Daryn Colledge pushes Green Bay back 10 yards.

The Linc: “De-fense! De-fense! De-fense!”

greenandgold19 : Screen!

7:48 2nd and goal at the 16…Brandon Jackson with a personal escort into the endzone on a beautifullly ran screen! TOUCHDOWN GREEN BAY! Talk about responding after the fumble, RODGERS with TD pass #3!

greenandgold19 : “Screen! Thank the Lord they listen to me.”

You called it. Now, about the lottery numbers…

TundraVision : “The was a touchdown for one reason: Jackson stopped and waited for three blockers to set up in front of him. Nicely done. A few years ago, Jackson would have run straight into his tacklers. Very mature awareness of the play and where his blockers were.”

Excellent analysis.

DaleZawada : “TD Shot #3 – 16 yard pass from Rodgers to Jackson. Rodgers had 5 TDs last year in the playoffs. 3 so far. 21-10. You want a shootout? Ok.”

*** LATimesfarmer : 91 yards rushing is a Packers rookie postseason record, surpassing Travis Williams’ 88 yards in 1967 vs. Rams***

***Green Bay now 3/3 in the redzone today***

21-10 The Pack, attack

7:33 Kickoff…

olbagofdonuts : “Do not give the momentum back for gods sake!”

…bullet dodged, Philly to start at the 28.

jrehor : “please put Vick in the ground on this drive.”

6:46 Run, pass, run and up to the 45 yard line.

It’s about time for a turnover. Woodson? Collins? Tramon? Anytime now.

6:02 Green Bay blitzing again, and again…Maclin via Vick for 18. 1st and 10 at the Green Bay 37. Too quick…

RahimT12 : “Ugh, middle of the field open….seen this in the playoffs before…”

4th and 26 will haunt us over.

5:46 1st and 10, Vick scrambles for about 20 but gains only 2. Collins with a nice tackle to hault a big gain.

BigSnakeMan “Nice takedown by LeRo..,er, Nick Collins.”


4:37 Vick back to pass on 3rd down at the Green Bay 35, Avant DROPS IT! Eagles forced to punt.

RahimT12 : “You ain’t Max McGee, Jason Avant”

BigSnakeMan : “Did James Jones switch teams at the half?”


4:29 Sav Rocca doing his best Masthay and Green Bay pinned at the 2.

RahimT12 : “Ugh pinned inside the 5…where is Travis Jervey when you need him…”

JerseyAlGBP : “A long drive here would be this game’s ‘dagger’…”

theandyman : “Nice long drive with a whole lot of Neo would be stellar”

4:27 1st and 10 at the 2, Starks grinds out 2.

TundraVision : “Neo is starting to believe he is truly ‘The One’ So am I.”

I took the red pill.

3:48 Kuhn the give, gains 3.

3:17 3rd and 5, we need this…James Jones in the ball game…Andy Reid salivating…Gah! Nearly intercepted, but incomplete. 4th down.


BillMichaels620 : “48 yard punt. Now the D needs a stop or a turnover.”

2:56 False Start on 1st down, Winston Justice with a hold on 2nd down…Geez, he ripped the helmet off Matthews.

Rockmolder : “Decapitation. 74 on the offfense. 20 yard penalty. Still 1st down.”

PackerRanter : “Hey, Eagles, YOU’RE GOING THE WRONG WAY! Bwaaaahahahahaha!”

2:44 1st and 25…Maclin with a catch and run for 11. Matthews like a rabid do…err lion. Nearly had Vick in his grasp.

BillMichaels620 : “Winston Justice is getting his a– handed to him by Matthews…..while the stats aren’t there, he’s creating havoc.”

1:37 2nd down, nothing.

1:30 3rd and 14, Vick heaves one over the middle…AVANT for 21 yards and a 1st down.

brove : “Oh! I won’t even say what the throw reminded me of…”

He will…

JuddZulgad : “Third and 14 looked a little bit like 4th and 26, huh?

Suddenly timid, Dom rushing 3, dropping 8.


Aaron_Nagler : “Come on Dom, don’t take your foot off the gas now…”




BigSnakeMan : “Eagles aren’t going away, kids. Packers defense needs to step up and make a play here soon.”

jasonjwilde : “We go to the fourth quarter, Packers lead Eagles, 21-10. Is it just me, or does it feel closer than 11 points?”

My stomach says Green bay is losing.

4th Quarter

***112 rush yards for Green Bay, 77 for Philly***

15:00 1st and at the Green Bay 25, Vick snaps one off to Riley Cooper for 6.

14:22 McCoy adds a yard and a half on 2nd down.

13:46 3rd and short…McCoy with another carrry.. CLAY MATTHEWS! Winston Justice Ain’t got a shell on him! Money.

Joe Buck : “McCoy wrapped up by Clay Matthews, who else.”

4th down and 1.

13:39 On trots David Akers, he’s always cash from this close…34 yard is easy money…Has to be…

brian_mcintyre : “And the Shayne Graham Memorial Kicking Award goes to….”

…He missed it! He missed it! Green Bay football at the 24!


BillMichaels620 : “Ackers has been money for years….an odd moment here in Philly.”

jasonjwilde : “Funny moment here. Guy two rows in front of press box takes off his jacket to reveal AKERS jersey … and Akers misses the FG. Shame!”

olbagofdonuts : “Time to put this thing AWAY!”

12:45 Starks takes the carry on 1st down, 3 yard off tackle right.

***12 carries, 96 yards***

12:18 Starks with another 5 yards.

Badger_Dave_ : “Can we call James Starks Iron Man now? I want to, let’s do it! (If John Connor gets to be called the terminator, only fair)”

11:35 3rd and 3, quick throw by Rodgers. Donald Driver clutch, gain of 12.

11:00-9:30 Run, run, and it’s 3rd and 1.

***Green Bay 8/10 on 3rd down today***

9:03 Come on McCarthy, dial something up! Kuhn swallowed for a loss of 3. Uhhh, Green bay forced to punt…

wallypingel : “A little predictable there?”

htphelps : “Big stop. Packers D, you’re up”

…puning… Masthay angles it out of bounds

8:48 1st and 10 at the 27, Vick finds an accelerating Desan jackson for 19 yards. Woah.

RahimT12 : “I swear to God, Capers, if you only rush 3 on this drive, we will SEND you to Denver…”

Workinonit24 : “Expect more 3 man rushes. Goal is to take time off the clock.”

8:22 Vick in the shotgun, left flats to MCCoy, 10 more.

At the green Bay 45.

*** PAIGER33 : “Driver has a knee injury, return questionable.”***


Need a stop.

Troy Aikman : “Well as far as the pressures for the Packers, the Eagles are handling them extremely well.”

Television sound OFF. Larry McCarren and Wayne Larrivee, we welcome you.


Larry McCaren : “The Eages have hit crunch time”


jrehor Tick tock…tick tock…

Down to the 25-yard line.


Aaron_Nagler As frustrating as this drive has been for Packer fans, Capers has done a great job of making them earn it and killing a ton of clock.

Down to the 5-yard line.


4th down and goal at the 1.

jrehor : “Holy decision time for Reid.”

kareemcopeland : “Eagles not moving very fast.4th and goal from 1. Gotta score to stay alive.”

4:00 Vick takes the snap… Touchdown.

sportsguy33 (Bill Simmons): “And… that’s why you never take your foot off the gas pedal against Michael Vick on the road, Mike McCarthy.”

Andy Reid elects to go for the 2-point conversion. Vick back rolling right, looking, Walden’s in his grill…tosses to Celek in the back! Caught! No he stepped out! It’s no good!

jasonjwilde : “WOW. Rule says because Celek re-established in bounds before catching, they have to RE-TRY the point!”


My thoughts exactly.

The retry…Hallelujah. No good, Vick limping.

24Markymark21 : “Vick is wounded.”

jrehor : “Missed 2 point attempt, and Vick is hurt. Packers get 2 breaks on 1 play? We’ll see.”

Can someone please explain that penalty to me, and why they got another shot?

 DaleZawada : ” ‘He cheated, then un-cheated, so re-do!’ is what I just heard from the officials. Good job, NFL! Great rules!”

BigSnakeMan : “WTF is wrong with this officiating crew?!!!!”


Exactly 4 minutes left.

RahimT12 : “Make your name, James Starks.”

BillMichaels620 : “Driver not on the field but Packers are in 2 tight end set with full back to run the ball.”

4:00 Starks the give for 3.

***Timeout Philadelphia, 1 remaining***

Larry McCarren : “The game is there for the taking…”

3:57 Starks for 12 up to the 38!

***Timeout Philadelphia, none remaining***

***21 carries, 123 yards for James Starks***

3:38 Starks shunned for no yards on 1st down.

foundinidaho : “It is our time Packers. Do this.”

2:55 Starks again, no gain.

RahimT12 : “My heart rate is over 100.”

Nerves have reached the Tom-Cruise-on-Oprah’s-couch level. 

3rd and 10. This is the game. One play.

2:15 McCarthy puts the ball the hands of his QB, Rodgers SACKED…

BillMichaels620 : “You have to throw the ball here. The only way the clock stops is 2 minute warning.”

Nerves at the Costanza-”George-is-getting-upset!” level.

4th down.


kareemcopeland : “Eagles bring 6 and sack rodgers. Philly will get ball back when we return from the 2 minute warning.”

BigSnakeMan : “Do NOT kick to Jackson under any circumstance!”

JermichaelF88 : “Do not punt to Jackson”

We all remember the Philadelphia-Giants game.

…punting… Holding, the Eagles to start at the 34-yard line.

Nerves at the Tiger-Woods-on-Thanksgiving-night level.

PackFanatics : “This game was there for the taking and the Packers seem to want to give it away. This is not the MO of this team.”

1:45 Vick hits Jackson..Peprah misses…at the 45…Collins misses…Across the 50…Jets’ coach SAL ALOSI MISSES…Down to the 40…TACKLE HIM! Desmond Bishop may have just saved the season with that shoe-string tackle…At the Green Bay 35.

jsutlookin : “%&@$%&@!”

BlaqShady : “My god, I think I may die.”

Nerves at the Ron-Artest-in-the-Madison-Square-Garden-stands-wrecking-a-fans-face level.

JermichaelF88 : “Let’s go D we need u!”

***Green Bay 13 blitzes today, 3 sacks***

Come on Dom.

1:10 1st down, Vick incomplete to Celek. 

1:00 2nd down, Vick incomplete to McCoy.

0:50 3rd down, Vick complete to Riley Cooper for 11. 1st down, down to the 26…


Nerves at the Jim Mora-Herm Edwards-Hal Mcrae-Mike Gundy level.

Wayne Larrivee : “Can they hang on?”

Larry McCarren : “Come on fellas…”


Vick has to spike it…


Vick rushing his troops to the line…


He has to spike it…


No! Vick snaps the football, drops back…looking back of the ENDZONE…






Wayne Larrivee : “And. There. Is. Your. Wildcard. Dagger!”

It never, ever gets old.

PackerDrunk : “One word : Tramondous”

PackerHQ : “Ballgame!”

Victory formation.

mrmcparty : “Another week with something to look forward to at the end of it…… Another Packer Playoff Game Baby!!!”


CaptElaino : “WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”


CaptElaino : “WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

Forget the handshakes…Hugs all around.

Rodgers with a quiet fist pump.

CaptElaino : “WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”


RahimT12 : “You take my years off my life, Packers, but it’s worth it for moments like this.”


CaptElaino : “WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

Ric Flair would be proud.

Nerves at the I’m-all-out-of-hacky-jokes level.

Young MC : “Bust-a-move” — http://bit.ly/4ND  (Video)



On to Atlanta. Saturday night at the Georgia Dome. NFC Divisional Playoffs.

21-16 Green Bay victorious

***First road playoff victory since NFC Championship game in San Francisco following the ’97 season***

Some business…

espn_nfcnblog : “Rapid Reaction: Packers 21, Eagles 16 – http://es.pn/fiRpgU

JerseyAlGBP : “Packers send Eagles back to their nests – no ‘flying’ today. http://ht.ly/3ARo2

Packers Lounge : “Quick Hits – Eagles Wild Card: James.Starks http://bit.ly/hBtNEs

acmepackingco : “Packers Game Ball – Wild Card Edition: Packers Defeat Eagles, 21-16 http://sbn.to/ihUVV9

PACKERHQ : “Packers Defeat Eagles 21-16 : http://tinyurl.com/2ba6vu5

PackerNation : “Game Balls and Lame Calls: Playoff Edition–Packers 21, Eagles 16 http://bit.ly/eQWg0z

PackersTherapy : “Chris & Dave survive a technical glitch, living to discuss the #Packers 21-16 playoff victory over the Eagles — http://ht.ly/3AVwJ

Some elation…

NickBarnett : “I told you baby lol www.xlvordie.com wish I could be out there so bad!!”

RyanGrant25 : “Who wants some of the pack?????”

pauloren : “Wore my mneal96 jersey today while cheering on the Pack. Green Bay hasn’t lost since I got the jersey!”

mneal96 : “Swag! Thank you!”

PAIGER33 : “Running into locker room Rodgers exchanged whoops and high fives with Thompson and Murphy.”


MaxGinsberg : “From my dad: If Bishop doesn’t make a one handed tackle on D Jackson ankle w/45 sec left, Jackson scores & we’re revisiting 4th-and-26 today”

Some words of widsom…

notthefakeSVP  So…..does this mean Aaron Rodgers is a decent QB …or is he still just good for fantasy ? MAN that was nonsense. Happy for him. Good dude. Said yesterday I was a ‘size buyer’ of Rodgers stock. I never understood how last years AZ playoff game (423 yds and 4 td’s) meant he stunk.

Shut up Cowherd. Zip it Bayless.

Some early thoughts/excitment for next week…

Aaron_Nagler : “I worry about the defense holding up against  [the Falcons]  power running game.”

PackerRanter : “I hate falcons as much as I hate eagles. I hate pretty much all raptors”

zcalvelli : ” Great playoff win against a good opponent at their place. We’re coming for you, Falcons.”

RahimT12 : “It really is sad that Green Bay will have to extend the recent inexplicable mass deaths of birds across the country” —> Will Ferrell: “Ayyyyyyyyoooooohhhhh!”

It’s just one playoff victory, and it’s only the wildcard round. I understand that, but each Green Bay Packers win is like tasting chocolate chip cheesecake for the very first time. Pure euphoria. There is so much to digest after these past three weeks of “must win” situations, so much to delve into, but my nerves are shot. Maybe I’ll try the Tai Chi that Women’s Health mentioned…Rest easy, Packer Nation.

WallyPinge l: “The good, the Packers won. The bad, we’ll have to go through this anxiety again next weekend. I’ll take it.”

Always. See you all in a week.

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